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Weekend Update

March 2nd, 2009 by Marianne McCann

Okay, this weekend was over th’ top even f’r me.

On Friday, I got my chance to explore the remodeled Tableau, back from its demolition at the hands of giant hamsters. It’s another beautiful version of the sim. I tink I still prefer the desert Tableau to this, but it beats the dark New Orleans Tableau, in my opinion.

There are a thousand places that are good f’r piccies there, though. Here was one.


I stopped back in Tableau on Saturday, an did some other exploring in places familiar an otherwise. At the end of the day, I happened over to AM Radio’s latest build, The Space Between The Trees, and happened upon a dance party.

Here I am dancin’ with Blue Linden and Phaylen fairchild, jes a couple of the folks in attendance.

Dancing with Blue and Phaylen

Later in the party, Teagan Linden showed up. She came equipped with one of the ‘Wonder Soak’Em 50s” I made, which AM Radio immediately commented on. I passed one his way too. his comment about my soaker gun?

“I think SL is finished. the coolest thing to be made in SLhas been accomplished. I think we’re done here. someone turn the light out on your way out.”

Here he is, looking oh so suave with the ol’ soaker.

AM With Soaker

I could not believe he said that about some little thing I made, given the incredible stuff he’s done!

Sunday started out with meetings. There were some important ones in Bay City I hadda be at. I am pleased to say things went very well there, too.

Some time after this, my friend Alisha showed me what she’s been doing with Madcow Cosmos’ band bot avatars (if you like cool avvies and don’t have a band bot, rush over to his place in Lie!). I discovered someting interesting about them too: they make the old Burning Life 2008 Blurtophones work! Armed with this knowledge, I brought back to life my favorite noise making thing ever made in SL. Me and my brother took to the streets, in my miniature Primouth Fury, to share the news. I guess not everyone wanted to know. 😉

Is there a problem, officer?

One person who *did* want to know was my sis, who loved the blurtophones more than me, I tink. You see, these are musical instruments with a guitar, a horn, and a drum, with several loops each, and each syncs with the others. Allowing you to make interesting music together. The band bots improve upon the idea and allow even more loops — but I like the ol’ blurtophone. It means still being myself *and* making a racket. What isn’t to love?

Once my sis was around, though, we hit the stage in Shermerville for a concert. Granted it was just us, but we had plenty of fun entertaining each other. 😀


An that’s the weekend!

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