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Weekend Update

May 26th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

My weekend started with the SL Volunteer Appreciation party, which totally rocked! I especially enjoyed the “Teddy Bear Picnic” I spotted. What a collection! I actually have a lot of these.

The big event for me, though, was the prom at HardKnock Elementary. Ya we might be a bit young f’r a prom, but it was still fun. My friend (who I should prob’ly remind that while he is a BOY and a FRIEND, he is not a BOYFRIEND) picked me up at home an we went to din din at th’ Arbor an stuff before goin to the dance. It was a lot of fun. He even dropped me off at home afters which was really nice of him Here’s a piccie of us from the dance.

Saturday, well, was a really big important First Life day f’r me, so I wasn’t around too much. When I was around, I mostly spended my time watching the Hau Koda infohub get built. It’s themed around an Art Deco style airport, an Misty Mole was doing interior work all day. A buncha us who work in Bay City were all lined up outside the area, jes watchin’. It was kinda funny. Anyway, it looks super so far. I really like the “powder rooms” with posing stands an stuff.

Sunday was a Bay City Alliance meeting which – no surprise – was held near the under construction hub. A lot of the group ushed for some time to get that hub actually constructed, so it’s good to see it being done.

We had a big backyard barbecue that afternoon, inviting over a bunch of folks in the neighborhood an otherwise. It was kinda fun to do, with jes a random assorting of folks about, an even getting a “namecheck” from KONA radio (which was what we were playin). Seemed jes right f’r Memorial Day weekend to have grilled burgers an friends over.

I then spent some time exploring, including some hiking in the Lost Forest right around Rodeo (which is the piccie below), an some time completing the quests in Chakryn Forest. That was particularly fun, as a lady who was a witch was there, an me an my sis traded hints with her. Actual hints too, not “go look behind the tree over there” or “here, use this LM.” More like poetic hunts and clues formed spur of the moment, an not giving everything away too easily. I love random great roleplayin’ moments like that

Monday I spent the morning at… ya, Hau Koda where the hub is bein built. But this time flyin in planes with friends. An unlike any other darn school in the U.S., there was school at HardKnock yesterday. We turned in our final projects an also did our class photo for the yearbook. Here’s our class!

An here’s my final project. It’s a lot like the Bay City promo video I did, but entirely different too. Still, some of ya might find it entertaining f’r a minute. Itll give some idea of jes what we do at HKE.


Yay HardKnock class of 2009! Graduation is this comin weekend – Like the prom, it’s also different that we graduate every year. It’s someting special to end the year with, I think, even if most of us will be back again come fall!

After school, I spended some time jes at th’ house, runnin my lemonade stand. I sold five whole glasses!

An that’s the weekend!

Weekend Update

May 4th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

Hi everybuggy! A much busier weekend this time ’round than last. Fair wanring, too – a lot of stuff with Bay City below. Like every third word or someting.

Started out on Friday, exploring Avaria with my sister an brother. They recently redid the ground level with completely new terraforming an stuff. I loved it before, an I love it again. Still some of the prettiest “open space” in Second Life.

May first was the start of the Bay City Flea Market, a project of the Bay City alliance. We managed to get Linden Lab let us have the Message of the Day (MotD) for the weekend to promote it, which meant tons of traffic came by. I had a selection of my regular stuff all marked down, some stuff I’ve never had a store space for, an even some ol’ inventory stuff to get rid of. The event went super well for alla us.

Of course, that is also May Day, so I made sure to dance around a may pole on Livingtree, like I have for the last couple years now.

Beltane Dancer

Saturday was a busy RL day, so not as much SL time. One thing I did help cause was getting an Artilleri location in Bay City. I’m very excited about this, cuz Artilleri is one of those stores I’ve wanted to see in Bay City. Definitely fits the time frame an sells great stuff. They’re new location there fits the city beautifully, too.


That’s my “ebil plan” with Bay City, by th’ way. I want to see some of SLs best there, great content creators who make amazing things that fit the overall “feel” of the area. Really want to see Bay City live up to the plans, an be the best of the SL Mainland. So far, I think were doin’ a good job.

Anyways, I also did some exploring that day, finally getting some time to hunt around Rustica. What a beatiful sim, with lots of nooks and crannies. I loved this arch way, with its dwarf face.

Rustica Guardian

Sunday started with the Bay City Alliance meetin’, where we all talked about the flea market an the upcoming Bay City parade and party to celebrate our first anniversary. This will be a big, big thing. Expect to see a little of everything there! More on this soon. :-)

I also got some time to check out the latest from Madcow Cosmos and Lorin Tone. I was really checking to see if the Blurtophones were out in the stores yet (not yet!), but Lorin showed me some of the other “coming soon” avvies. They’re making some amazing things. Here’s a sitar playing avvie the two of them have been working on. Amazing work!

Sitar player

An last, is this. You see, I had a pose from -RC- Cluster in my inventory jes doin nuttin’, an sorta an idea for a piccie, an Johnny was available so I had ’em pose with me. An he’s a boy, an a friend, but that does not make him a boyfriend!

Me and Johnny

An that’s th’ weekend! Hope ya’ll had fun!

Weekend Update

April 20th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

My weekend sorta started with borin’ stuffs. I ended up back in one of the “brown bag” talks about adult definitions. it’s all very interesting. I’m sure it’s a bit odd f’r me people to see me in the middle of it all. Still, I like to think I might be helping in some way, a bit.

The meetings for these have been held on “PR Island,” which looks just like the “Boardroom” sim, but is not regular access. I’m sure all the transcripts an stuff are available on another thread ’round here. Here’s a piccie, too.

JP Linden is on the stage. Audience seating, counterclockwise is Marty Linden, Poppet McGimsie, Cyn Linden, Phoenix Welles, Blondin Linden, BlueGin Yifu, Melody Regent, Me, Pete Linden, Catriana Ninetails, MystressAnna Lovenkraft, and Kend Linden

Anyway, I got to shift gears not long after, an went to the big BunnyJam party on EggSactly Right. That was crazy busy. Towards the end of the time I was there, they sid there were about 87 avatars there. I know I could hardly move by that point. Was still purty fun. :-)

I also got some of my prizes from the -RC- Cluster photo contest, including my very own Suzie Wetserpants dolly! I love her lots!

My new dolly

Saturday, well, I had a lot of RL to do an wasn’t feelin too good besides, so I dun have near as many piccies as I wish I had.I did go to the fishing tournament on Livingtree, an got some free stuff in Edo Japan and in AM Radios The Far Away. Other’n that, I really can’t say I did a whole lot.

I did try to do a big group shot to promote the Bay City parade, but like I said, not feelin’ good, an I really wasn’t too happy with the piccie overall. I’ll hafta upload it somewhere’s anyway, jes to show peoples who were in it. Anyways, We also had some fun with blurtophones then too, like I usually do. I do have a piccie of that!

Oh, an then late late in the evening, I did this piccie. Jes showin how tough I am!

One tough kid

Yer prob’ly not buyin’ that f’r a sec, is ya? Oh well, can’t say I did’t try!

Anyway, I was feelin better on Sunday, but then we had a power outage that day. I did make it through the Bay City Alliance meeting in the mornin’, an spent part of the day at our new infohub in Moose Beach, Or near it, cuz actually getting in there is about impossible. A lot of that time I was jes gettin griefed by a person and their alt. Made fr good AR fodder, I s’pose.

Oh, an then I ended up the evenin’ with some sightseeing, which led to this piccie, too.

An that’s about it!

Weekend Update

April 13th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

So, um… I guess I should do a weekend write up. Definitely one with ups an downs, though.

Friday I got to find my easter egg in the big Linden easter egg thing in the EggSactly sim. I’m super proud of my egg, an I hope it does well in th’ judging! But there are so so many good ones!

It sounds corny to me, but looking at all the other Resident eggs there jes, I dunno, gives me some hope f’r this place. There are jes so many different “takes” on easter eggs there, from people who simply tossed a library texture on the provided egg (and this could be the first time they’ve even tried to make something in SL!) to those who’ve done super detailed stuff an really pushed the limits. Mine is somewhere between those posts, I think.

Later on Friday, I decided to poke around the still-under-construction Linden Remembrance Garden. It really is looking nice, for what it is. It was hard to see shrines to the people I called friends, like Kendra or Soj. I’m glad that their passings are takin kinda seriously by LL at one level or another, and that there will be some permanent memorial to them, or at least as permanent as our virtual world can be.

Then poof — an infohub appeared in Bay City. There’s been work for some time about getting one built in Hau Koda, but all of a sudden Moose Beach was turned into one. I like the idea, given that the location seems perfect for an infohub, and was vastly underused before. I do wish there was more info at the infohub, and that the agent limit was a bit higher than it is currently. Makes it hard to get in there!

The Bay City Children’s Blurtophone Band — otherwise known as “Fred” — quickly established themselves as the house band at Squishybottoms at the Moose Beach infohub. I don’t remember who our session guy is on maracas.

Saturday, well, I had a lotta RL to do. But I did make it back inworld f’r the big sausage harvest at -RC- Cluster. I managed to get a few cool pose sets that I did’t already have.

I also spended some time building to get ready for Sunday, went by Moose Beach infohub a couple times, an otherwise occupied my time.

Sunday, of course, was Easter. So I did a little easter dance in the flowers!

We had our second annual Spring Festival on Livingtree, with egg decorating, a nature walk, a small egg hunt, and the big egg rolling contest. It was super super fun, even though we had a small turnout. It was Easter after all. But the Golden Egg Trophy has made it to a new home for the year, and all is good.

Well, sorta.

Sunday was also the last day for Livingtree Cove, our adjoining homestead sim. We had originally gotten it as a private workspace, back when open spaces were reasonable. We opened it to the public when the policy changed, but never really had much of a plan for it. As the economy has continued to tighten, our SL and RL selves have felt some serious pinches. As such, the Cove had to go. I only hope we can keep the main island going as well.

An that’s the weekend. Some good, some bad this time.

Weekend Update, Addition

April 7th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

Call this an addendum to my weekend update.

So Monday I saw that there was going to be a “pile on” of the beta grid, in an attempt to stress test the 1.26 server. This I could not resist.

It started innocently enough, all sitting in Morris on the Aditi (beta) grid, waiting for things to get going. Prospero led the charge, suggesting we go crazy for a bit. The high prim avatars came out, with a large part of the crowd showing their Aggro dragons. Soon, the man o’ the hour showed up — Vektor Linden — and we started our tests. I tossed on one of the “Corra Nacunda” avatars from Grendel’s Children. That’s a large raven-like humanoid in bedouin attire, and a very different look for me.

We friended each other, we took snapshots and sent them to each other, We paid each other. That latter one was where we encountered out first troubles, with the good ol’ stale transactions rearing its ugly head.

Then it was time for some region crossing, heading down the continent to the sandboxes.

I should mention that in addition to all of us — about 40+ people, and about an equal part Resident and Linden/Tester accounts, the full force of Enus Linden’s umpity-hundred bot army was in Aditi. The little grid was straining at times. Region crossing was hard hard hard, and I did cross trying to go south from Balance into Fame on the way to HTTP In Sandbox 1.

But this led to one of the most amazing moments in my Second Life, swooping across these sims in bird form, with 10-15 of these huge dragon avatars flying in an accidental formation around me, watching the vapor trails of scores of unrezzed Enusbots criss-crossing up ahead. This is not the Second Life I joined in 2006. While I love my regular form dearly, I would adore seeing a “flock” of those dragons and other avians over head, and would be glad to join ’em. If for a bit. If I hadn’t crashed, I’d have photos of this. :-(

Anyway, for those who talk about never seeing a Linden, well, I know where they all were yesterday, in attendance during the tests were Prospero, Alexa, Sabine, Usi, Which, Vektor, Dan, Maestro, Poppy, Beast, Milo, Q, Oskar, Rose, Spider, Nyx, Bambers, Jill and one other who I believed to be long gone — Pony Linden. Rumors of Pony going to the glue factory are now proven wrong, once and for all. Here he is, recorded for posterity.

We did some more tests, doing some teleports and also going over those adult/mature/PG border crossings (and cross sim transactions) before settling back in Sandbox Cordova. For the next ten minutes, chaos reigned.

Normally, a sandbox is a place where griefing — which commonplace — is not allowed. Big signs declare “no weapons.” not so, as Vektor Linden declared open season… on himself. Soon, all manner of griefer toy and projectile weapon was brought to bear. Even I had a fairly small .22 caliber rifle in hand, taking pot shots at Mister Vektor. I got him more than a few times, too.

[15:39] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Collision with “RSDM Slug”, Owner: Vektor Linden

He got me too.

Anyway, for an idea of what this all looked like in the end, here’s the beta grid’s Sandbox Cordova at its worst.

For those who want to see all the piccies I did take over there — such as they are — feel free to check ’em out on Snapzilla.


Weekend Update

April 6th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

So, my weekend.

On Friday those of us in my class at HardKnock Elementary got to see the Easter Bunny! Yay! I was brave an got my piccie taken with ’em.

Seeing the easter bunny!

Then later inna evening a friend took me to see a beautiful thing made my Spiral Watcher. Incredible work! I wish you could see it in action, cuz the movement an stuff is what really makes it.

Pretty Colors!

Saturday an Sunday were both kinda busy f’r me. I helped a friend with a video on the new Second Childhood Network Kiosks (an got one set up on Livingtree), I went to my friend Adz’s Rez Day party, I went to an informal get together in Bay City, I built stuff f’r my stores, An did a couple piccies for a photo contest. Here’s my two entries. It hasta be somewhat funny an also use the stores products in the shot. I tink I did okay with ’em.

Artistic Interpretation


Whats so great about camping?

An that’s about it this time!

Weekend Update

March 30th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

Hope everybuggy had a good weekend!

Mine was pretty good, though on the surface maybe not as action packed as one might expect, but I did manage to have some fun. :-)

Recently I’ve been playin a bit with some airplanes. I found a nice place near Bay City to use as an airstrip, an have been doin so. Mostly with biplanes. This led me to do a biplane piccie up near the airship mooring in Bay City.. because I could.

I’ve been debating getting one of the nicer biplanes, but I’d rather not have to go into ones that require extra attachments if I can help it. Still, I’m open to suggestions for good ones. I’d also prefer to find something a bit more 1940s or 1950s, given my Bay city stomping grounds.

Speaking of which, I recently was a little grumbly about Bay City, but some of the events in Bay City – Imaginario lately have definitely brought my enthusiasm back full force.

Several parcels recently changed hands, including an extra 1008m into my little fingers. I turned around and sold it to a friend who really anted a parcel in Bay City. The way I look at it, I’d rather he have it than me do whatever with another plot. So now, where before there were empty buildings, we have his place, a combination Bellimisia and 1-800-Bettys store, and the soon-to-open expanded main store for Designs of Darkness. Add that to Nikki’s Shoes, Seventy Seven, and my own store, as well as a couple residences and other places and… well… Imaginario is a-rockin’.

This is my friend’s store, built this weekend. It looks great and fits into the region so nicely. He also has some nice bikes in there — an yes — they are resizable and fit adults and kids.

Like many others this weekend, too, I hit the Bunny Hop hunt. I’m now all the way up to egg #108. I dont know how many of them there are, but I hope it’s not too many more. I’m just about hunted out. It does amaze me how popular these continue to be. Given my store will be participating in a kid-specific gridwide hunt next month, I guess I should not be all that surprised, either.

I also saw a Grace McDonnough concert, went briefly to Show and Tell in Lummerland, participated in the bi-weekly Bay City Alliance meeting, and did a bit of building as well.

To finish out the weekend, I stopped by Avaria. A group notice recently told folks that the ground level will soon be remodeled, so ‘take your photos now.” So I did. First, here’s me an my brother an my sister out exploring:

And here’s a shot I took in Avaria Sav — one that I jes noticed got an Editor’s Choice award on Snapzilla tonight. Woo!

And… that’s it!

Weekend Update

March 23rd, 2009 by Marianne McCann

In the SL Forums, in a thread called “just ignore and let this one die,” I usually post a weekend update, a write up of all I did from Friday night into the wee hours of Sunday. I’ll be posting them here, too. Sometimes the weekends are pretty thing, sometimes they’re not. This was another one of them very full weekends. One of those ones where I wonder exactly how this all happened, an how it all fit into the space of two days and an evening.

I do these write ups party out of my own “wow” factor about these weekends, party as a diary of sorts, and party to show that — as a kid avatar — I can manage to get into a whole lot of very different places. I’m a firm believe that kid avvies should be out and about when we can, showing that we are a part of the world at large.

On Friday night, a friend of mine who does some code work for a certain Virtual World we all inhabit god teeped me into LindenWorld C. this is not the sorta place many of us Residents ever get to see. The Linden in question needed a warm avatar to test on (an no, I don’t tink I can talk too much about the “what” involved, even if I did know ll the details), and well, there I was. LindenWorld is a small block of sims that various Lindens use. Part sandbox, part office, the place is pretty chaotic. And yes, you know I snapped piccies. M Linden posted a piccie recently of LindenWorld on his flickr stream, so I figgure if he can, then I can.
GTeam Griefer Area

Finishing off the night was some late evening exploration with my sis and my daddy, of a sim called Pteron. I tink it’s part mystery, but it says it’s for meditation — and I believe it. It was gorgeous.


The next day was the big snail race. RacerX Gullwing usually does big snail races, but this one was special. Over 100 snails crossing 45 sims as a Relay For Life fundraiser. It was utter chaos. Well, it was close to utter chaos – that was Sunday. Anyway, it was lotsa fun. I was cheering on my brother, who did’t quite come in last place. Here’s a shot of the leaders from very early on.

Snail Race

I also made a stop at KIC, to check out the concerts and the sim itself. Reminded me a lot of Kids5B. I hope it serves our community well!

This night a Linden teeped me to an event, but not in any place like LindenWorld or nuttin, and not a god teep neither. This time it was a fundraiser for the SL Shakespeare Company. Thing about this? It was a sushi party. Specifically Nyotaimori, or body sushi. I wondered: should a kid avvie be this close to a naked CodeBastard Redgrave, and should I AR myself?

Yes… there is a picture:

I ended this night with a bit of 7 Seas fishing in the heart of Bay City, which concluded with the blowing up of Brock Lazlo’s building. He wanted to make room for a new build of his, and a better use of the space for commercial purposes.

Now then, Sunday. Parade time in Nova Albion, in honor of their 5th Anniversary. This really was utter chaos, with enough avatars to fill two mainland sims, enough lag to stop us dead in our tracks, and everything from Barcola zombies to giant musical intrument robots.

Oh yes, and kids. There were four of us there. The Nova Albions have always been good about us kids, and welcomed us with open arms.

Here’s just one shot of a small amount of the group including yours truly:

Nova Albion Parade

You can see the rest of ’em in an album on Snapzilla.

This was crazy, but it was also a ton of fun. Even with all the lag and troubles, I’d gladly do this again — and will.

Finally, the party with the Forum Cartel. Doin it up 50s style! Thankoo all f’r the fun!
50s Party

And that’s the weekend!

Weekend Update

March 16th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

So nows th’ time when I should write up my weekly update. I had some trouble with gettin’ my piccies out of SL, so I dun have as many as usual — but I do have some.

On Friday evening, it was school time — an it was time for our report card! I’m very proud to say that I scored 100 on both parts of the test, great attendance, classwork etc., an got an A+ :-)

Yes… the RP school does grade your work. :-)

Anyway, earlier in the week, I had talked with Lorin Tone. He was one of the two creative minds behind the blurtophone from Burning Life 08, an the band bots at Madcow Cosmos’ store. You see, I wanted a newer blurtophone. Lo an behold, he was able to make this happen. I helped test the new ones out, an will now have one for next weekend’s big parade in Nova Albion. Woot!

Meanwhile, in Bay City, I had to do a big presentation. I called it “Bay City Style.” It’s on the real world design and architecture that influenced Bay City. The presentation was well attended an well received. I was very glad folks liked all I hadda say, an that the time I spent in RL art history courses was not wasted. 😉

I did not get a piccie of me doin the presentation, though, so I’m gonna borrow one from Molly Montale from her flickr stream. I hope she dun mind.

The Shuttle took off in RL on Sunday, an Dakota mentioned it on the Forum Cartel group chat. He sent me the URL an before you knew it, I hadda block party. It was actually a lotta fun, an one of the reasons I’m glad I have a little suburban house in Shermerville. It is funny how we can do whatever we want in SL – but this sort of thing is both absolutely real world, yet also someting many of us don’t experience in our First Lives. I barely speak to my RL neighbors, an I s’pect the same is true f’r many others.

Anyway, here’s alla us sittin ’round the backyard watchin’ the flame come off the back of a large craft being hurtled into space.

Also that evening was a fundraiser auction I hadda go to. Abby McDonnaugh is a long time member of the SL child avatar community. She’s been a friend to many, a creator knowing for an innovative use of “MLP” style scripts to make a bed that is perfectly G rated, and allowing for kids and parents to interact. She’s been dealing with some serious health issues related to high blood pressure, so much so that she had to either get surgery, or risk death. The community, in a way to show support, has been donating and had this big auction. The auction raised $178, 262 — and combined with all the donations this weekend, it’s a grand total of L$409,000.

Editorial moment: how amazing is it to live in a world where a bunch of people would donate what is a sizable amount of real world money to someone who that know through little more than her pixels and personality? What does it say about those who talk of how “creepy” kid avvies are, and assume we’re all perverse to see that great an outpouring when one of our own is in need? I’m really touched by it all. More on this soon.

To finish out the weekend, there was a Sci-Fi/Fantasy photo contest I jes hadda enter. No photoshop allowed — hadda be totally show inworld an all that. Here’s one of my entries. I’m really proud of it.

Have a g’night an g’mornin, everybuggy!

Weekend Update

March 9th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

This weekend was actually a bit quieter than last. Still did quite a bit, but a lot of it was in the workshops. I finished up a long project to get all of my products into boxes that look like, well, for-real boxes. Was a ton of work, but really makes it look nice in the stores. Especially the Bay City one. It also has gotten me in place f’r puttin all my stuff on XStreet. Gettin’ close on that.

I also did a bunch of custom fish f’r 7 Seas fishing on Livingtree. Did a whole series of “plush fish,” an a “topiary fish” that might be th’ cutest thing I even maded.

I also took a lot of opportunities for quiet downtimes.

For one, I finally made it to Verdigris, which is quite pretty. I did not take a lot of piccies there cuz, well, so many others have. Also, I was havin’ a heck of a time getting the piccies I wanted while also capturing enough of the build. I was pretty happy with this one, though!

Saturday night, we had a big fishing tournament on Livingtree. Kinda restarting our fishing tournaments there. That was what all those customs were about, f’r one. Anyways, we had a good crowd, but I couldn’t stay. I had another crowd waiting for me on Argos Hawks’ region. Fireworks show time! Here’s a shot close to the end (but before the finale):

Much, much later in the evening, I heard about another SLRR test run, an made my way over. Was a rough night on the mainline, with trouble at jes about every sim crossing.

The next mornin, I started off with a blimp ride from Bay City’s mooring all the way to the airship pad in Abbotts. About a 26 region run, so much shorter than the SLRR run, but still a good test of things after the last night. Very few troubles, too, so I guess last night was jes “special.”

I also took some more time to jes take piccies. Like this one I shot back in th’ new Tableau. Teachin’ the flowers to sing. :-)

I also took my old space ship out for a spin. A gift a log time ago from Lumiere Noir. Reports of UFO activity over Shermerville, Nova Albion, and Bay City? well… it was jes me. Or maybe a weather balloon. Swamp gas?

I messed a lot with Inventory on Sunday. For those who dunno how daunting this is f’r me the last time I really combed my inventory was February of 2007 — an I have about 25k more items in there. There’s things I’d never even looked at or worn, like freebies from Hair Fair, two Burning Lifes, SL5B, SL4B, grid-wide hunts, etc. Heck, some stuff I did not know I had, I’d never seen before, and that I have no idea where th heck they came from. It’s like Christmas morning in my own inventory!

This meant that my avvie was again up in the workshops, often without hair, glasses, or even shoes as I randomly tried on yet another untouched item. Then I came across one ‘do from Hair Fair. It required this piccie:

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