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You Know, For Kids… 2.0

April 5th, 2015 by Marianne McCann

This site is being moved: please go to https://mariannemccann.wordpress.com/ – thanks!


One of my big projects this year has been redoing my toy store, You Know, For Kids.

Exterior shot of You know, For Kids in Bay City

I started it back in mid-2006, when I was still a fairly new Second Life© Resident, and kept it going for some time — yet with the advent of mesh, plus a focus on events and other work, the store fell by the wayside: still there, but lacking in new content. I decided that, in 2015, it was time to change that.

First off, I rebuilt the building. Now it does essentially look the same, but I’ve added a lot of additional mesh details, and even a backroom for, well, storage or what not. Really, I felt it broke up the interior a bit, and added to the feeling of the space as a real “thing.” First life stores have back rooms, while Second Life ones don’t often have them. It’s a small difference, but adds to the feel of the space.

You see, I want my store to serve three functions. First, it needs to be, well, a store: you go there, you buy things. Second, I want it to be a space one could, if they wished, “role play” a visit to a toy store with their friends or family. Third, I want it to have a nostalgic “mid-century’ toy store look and feel that fits with both Bay City and with my own “retro” product line.

With the first part of this in mind, I’ve moved to the E2V Vendor system, which allows people to not only buy my products, but get cool stuff like store credit, redelivery in case they lose anything, and even gift cards. Except, sticking with the vintage feel, we’ll call them “gift certificates.”

The front Desk at You Know, For Kids

I’ve been adding additional details to the store, to enhance both the “RP” and nostalgia factors. The gift certificates are presented as gift certificate books, the credit terminal is the old “knuckle banger” type of credit card machine, and the redelivery terminal is a “lost and found” box. I want to avoid a lot of the “expected” Second Life-specific things — kiosks and terminals, signs that vend, etc. — while still having the functionality people expect.

When I’m putting stuff on the shelves, everything is presented as stock on the shelf, sometimes with signs attached and usually with additional stock boxes, to give it a “full shelf” feel. It’s still sparse yet, but this will, I suspect, change as I go along.

The overall interior “motif” of the space is mid-century, with a slight additional circus theme. Striped walls and some circus animal drawings I did to tie it all together. Well, I did have help, studying my old Walter T. Foster books as well as some vintage toy store gift wrap I recently got ahold of.

Interior shot of You Know, For Kids in Bay City

Of course, I’ve also been slowly adding new stock to the store, while revising old stock to mesh, with new features when appropriate. I’ve learned a lot more scripting and such since I did my earlier toys. It’s fun to be back in the swing of it again. I’m pretty proud of the new line, and am looking forward to putting out more over the next few months.

I hope you’ll visit the new store, even if you don’t buy anything, just to enjoy the space. I’d also love your feedback — not just toys I need to build (though I love suggestions), but any details you feel the place needs to have.

As always, You Know, For Kids is located at 100 Willoughby Way, on the corner of Willoughby and Route 66, in the Imaginario region of Bay City, SL.