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On SL11B

June 22nd, 2014 by Marianne McCann

Empires of the mind

Empires of the mind

Picture this. Here we all are, in a virtual metaverse that exited its initial beta eleven years ago.

It started as the Rig, a simple virtual world for testing haptics technology for Linden Research. Then, it was LindenWorld, where people terraformed with grenades and watched ators eat birds.

Eleven years ago, Philip Linden counted down with a small crowd of Lindens and early Residents at the Ahern Welcome Area, ending Second Life’s initial beta and opening to the public.

Reflect on how this world has changed since then. An economy. Prim attachments. Pose balls. Music streams. Flexible prims, Local lighting, Voice. Windlight, Sculpties, Mesh, Materials. etc., etc. Hundreds of innovations — and infinite possibilities.

Think of how you have changed. How your avatar has changed, — and how your experiences in Our World have crafted the person behind the keyboard.

Consider how we’ve grown. 16 regions became 22. Today it is 26,000 or so. Many favorites have come and gone, like Greenies Home, or Spitoonie, or Nakama, while many have sprung up and remain today: 1920s Berlin, Bay City (yay), and so many others.

“The Empires of the Future are the empires of the mind.” At Sl11B we are showing our siblings in this metaverse our own empires: these places we’ve created through the sheer power of our own minds.

And at SL11B, we too have crafted our own shared empire of the mind. Eleven beautiful regions full of art, and community, and celebration.

Viva SL11B!