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About Ever Dreamscape

May 18th, 2014 by Marianne McCann

Ever Dreamscape

Ever Dreamscape, from an episode of Etv’s “Ever’s Tiny Island.”

Ever Dreamscape came to Bay City in early 2011, and in that time founded the Bay City Post, started our Oktoberfest and Miss Bay City events, helped in the creation of the Park Plaza hotel, expanded our Mole Day and Tree Lighting events, and Started the Bay City Rumble races. She was also well known for the time she spent on the SL feeds, creating her “feed spam” story lines with her various “Etv” photos.

When I first met her, she was asking for help. She had just purchased a parcel in Bay City – Falconmoon and had no idea what to put on it. She opened rez to me, and I placed one of the Bay City prefabs that fit the parcel and her plans – a sort of proto-version of her Bay City Brewery. I don’t want to talk about predestination, but even that first moment I thought that this was someone who was going to be a big part of the community. I had no idea how much.

Of course, the next time we talked, she had somehow managed to rez an incredible assortment of Linden Trees in the middle of her bar.

In first life, she was many things, including a successful business owner, a homesteader, and a mother. She also struggled with being bipolar, panic attacks, and having liver disease, each of which took her away from what was an active first life. She was loyal, and she was honest — sometimes even to a fault. She had no filters, and would often say or do things long before she realized what she’d done.

In her last weeks, she was in an increasing amount of pain, and could not type well with her left hand. Her liver was failing, and she had also injured her back. She did not talk about this much publicly, and tried to keep up with her many inworld duties. Her last work was on Bay City’s Sixth Anniversary Celebration, trying to line up performers.  She had a feeling that her time was short, and worried that she’d not make it to the anniversary. Sadly, she was correct.

From a personal standpoint, she’s a friend that I will miss greatly.

Her and I talked nearly nightly. When we weren’t talking about Bay City events or other inworld things, we talked about our lives. She told me of her history, or her loves, of her life. She talked about her son regularly, both how proud she was of him and how much she felt she was a burden to him. She told me all she lost due to her own health complications, and all she was doing to try and stay well and together.

We all knew her through her characters: the hung over housewife in pink bathrobe and curlers, the little green alien, the banana daiquiri-induced chimpanzee, the Etv news reporter, and dozens of others. Most were silly, yet some were cut from deep in her heart.

Ever was a very complicated person. She came across in SL as a dumb, silly, unpredictable person that always appeared just before a disastrous, hilarious calamity. She was Chaos. Underneath all that was a kind soul, a person of great intelligence and drive, and the sort of person who – if she had it – would give you the shirt off her back. It’s hard to describe how a person could, oh, show up at your door dressed as a shark, or walk into your pub as a monkey and set the place on fire could also be so beloved by the community — but she was.

She helped keep me — and the rest of Bay City – moving forward. She was the thing that kept it interesting, and disrupted the status quo. She was a big fan of Pink Floyd, and truly was our crazy diamond.

Shine on, Ever Dreamscape.

Ever Dreamscape

A self-portrait of Ever Dreamscape

4 Responses to “About Ever Dreamscape”

  1. Dee Darwin Says:

    I really am happy you have kept us going with talk about Ever. I find talking about her has been very therapeutic and helps me.

    Remember hug a friend because tomorrow, well we never know do we :(

  2. Uccie Poultry Says:

    Hard to think about Bay City and my life there without thinking about Ever. Each day I wish that I could have stolen more time from RL to spend with her and each day I now regret not taking more of my SL time for her when I could have. There’s a bit of Ever in each of us, we just have to have the guts to let it out like she did.

  3. Dee Darwin Says:

    Just came back for a re-visit and a thought of E. Dropped a tear or two and then I leave smiling at the memories.
    ♥♥ Ever :)

  4. Belle Mistwallow Says:

    what a wonderful write up.

    I never knew her.
    I wish I did.

    Her legacy clearly lives on. And will.


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