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Looking back on my little part of 2013

December 27th, 2013 by Marianne McCann

Out on the Solstice

Out on the Solstice

In looking back at 2013, one really can just note that — not including this one — I managed to get a whopping two blog entries up here within the year. It’s just been that kind of year.

I helped get the Second Life tenth anniversary community celebration, otherwise know as SL10B, down the aisle. In some ways I was behind the scenes, helping to arrange for the regions, preparing the corn field and bear island — yes, that was a part of my collection out there this time — and doing infrastructure work.

Most noted was my SL10B History Walk build, which I did with Pygar Bu and Harlequin Rhode. It was a year by year breakdown of notable portions of Second Lifeā„¢ history, the good and the not as good, as well as a large selection of items emblematic of each year. It was an honor to put that together.

My Year!

My Year!

Little known fact, though: I had about 8 or so builds at SL10B. As well as the history walk, I built the Bay City History Pavilion, co-built the SL10B welcome area (which used original vintage items from the very first Second Life welcome area in Natoma), created a sculpture garden featuring works by Starax Statosky and others, presented a display of items from Greenies Home, put up a vintage infohub display, and did a temple to Mount G’al.

This wasn’t the only big event for me this year: at Burn2, I was the lead on The Man, working with a small team to recreate The Man and Man Base from the 2013 Burning Man event. It was a difficult build at time, particularly as hopes to have the actual blueprints fell through, but it came together fairly close to the real thing. I also worked on Inner Child Camp for Burn2, and did a build focusing on the “Leave No Trace” principle for Burn2’s “Conception” event.

Meanwhile, on the Playa...

Meanwhile, on the Playa…

Bay City is very much my home, and there too I found myself with plenty to do. As well as leading the Bay City Alliance in its weekly meetings, I helped arrange for the Fifth Anniversary parade and celebration, the annual Mole Day event, our fashion week and “Hot Bay City Nights” events, the Hallowe’en Hay Maze, Oktoberfest, and our Annual Tree Lighting charity event. I also built up one of my Bay City lands into The Pen, a Beatnik coffee house with regular open mic nights and other random events.

Bay City's 5th Anniversary

Bay City’s 5th Anniversary

One of my other priorities for 2013 has been Livingtree, Robin Sojourner’s island I share with her and Pygar Bu. Early on in the year we decided it was time to update the overall look and feel of the island, and I took point on refreshing everything. There is still a couple things we wish to do, but the heavy lifting ended around August and September. I think it’s overall turned into a lovely and photogenic place. I also did my usual Summertime fireworks shows on the island, and helped with the hosting of fishing contests.

Autumn comes to Livingtree.

Autumn comes to Livingtree.

Beyond these, I hosted fishing camps at the 7Seas fishiversary and the Fall Fishing Festival, I attended the Summer and Winter sessions of Camp HardKnock, I took a role as Head Moderator for the popular Arcade gacha event, I attended Oceanside Elementary, and I did an awful lot of flying in SL in a growing collection of aircraft. I got interviewed a couple times for Designing Worlds, appeared in several of the Drax Files: World Makers episodes (most notably the Rodvik Linden and Robin Sojourner episodes), and was seem in a few other spots besides. Oh, and I started to learn mesh, added a couple things to my store (many less than I intended), re-dressed some of my other locations, and took scores of photos.

So, as you can well imagine, I did not get a lot of down time. Some parts were too busy, and a busier first life will mean cutting back on parts of my second. I’ve yet to decide what form that might take.

But was it fun? You bet it was. I worked alongside some great folks, and met all the more. More than that, I helped a great many others get to know each other, learn, and grow. Totally worth it if only for that.

And now, onto 2014!