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SL9B – But that’s not all!

June 18th, 2012 by Marianne McCann

There’s a couple other items with a SL9B feel I’ve got going on.

Burn2 is turning their own region, Burning Man- Deep Hole, into its own SL9B party, called “Conception.” Furthermore, my build “A Child’s Metropolis” was asked to come back back and have a reprise showing on the virtual playa. Yay!

I talked about the build right here on this blog when it originally came out. Of course, back then I did not have shadows in the SL viewer to really show off the build so… here’s a new picture!

A Child's Metropolis

Pygar Bu helped me on the completion of A Child’s Metropolis, and I assisted a bit on his SL9B build for Second Life Children. Through some small luck I also have a little build across from him in the Jamboree region caled “It All Beings With A Cube.” More of a folly than anything, it is a “history of building materials” in Second Life, from the oldest prim (dated 25 January, 2002!) to a mesh rubber duck created during the mesh beta.  It’s not much, but it was a little bit of fun just ‘cuz.

It all begins with a prim

I also used a lot of projected light on it. Oh, and Crap Mariner did an audio clip, which you can hear on the music channel.

Oh ya, and a few things here and there at SL9B, like signs and stuff in the welcome hub. Not to mention Sim Coordinating and all that. Whew.

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