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Land’s End

March 30th, 2012 by Marianne McCann

No Land Needed

So I noticed the above on the ad for the Direct Delivery Linden Bear as well as other Direct Delivery items (including those – to plug shamelessly – in my own store). The highlight is mine.

The somewhat more paranoid side of me looks at this, looks as the premium sandboxes, looks at Linden Homes, and looks at The Wilderness premium hangout spot, and wonders if the end goal here is to make a world where personal landownership is deemed unnecessary (outside of the homogenized Linden Home style experience). I’m sure, though, that such a notion is silly, given that land has long been king in Second Life.

Nevertheless, I often find myself unable to make sense of why land – particularly the mainland – feels so often ignored or, at the least, put second to estates. Why isn’t more being done to make land ownership be even more attractive to Second Life users, versus working on things that seem to push people away from owning their own little corner of the grid?

Anyway, while I personally don’t “get” Linden Homes, I know they’ve been popular enough to clone the Nascera continent a time or two, to increase the offerings of popular styles, and all that. For some, they seem to be all that and a bag of prim chips. That’s cool.

Also, I like the Premium Sandboxes. They seem rather underutilized, but that gives me a bit more space to spread out on those rare occasions I need to rez something out that can’t be easily accommodated in my workshop.

I have been enjoying exploring the Premium WIlderness area, too. Certainly, I’ve never been much to criticize the public spaces of Second Life (just read this blog a bit!), and I feel no need to now. Sure, some things could be better there. The animals are a bit… cartoonish, especially compared to the detail of the ferry boat, the shacks, and other details, but the overall experience ain’t bad.┬áTo be honest, I’ve enjoyed going through the Wilderness, finding people who actually do want to hang out and talk, and who are also enjoying their time there. It’s nice, compared to a lot of other spaces inworld.

Yet I wish more were being done to encourage people to create places like this on their own, and do whatever can be done to make land ownership – particularly Mainland land ownership – attractive. After all, we need places for those direct delivered couches, and lamps, and garden benches, and stuff!

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