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Compare & Contrast

March 4th, 2012 by Marianne McCann

More on the second quote in a moment. A lot to write about on it!

“The pioneer era in Second Life is beginning to draw to a close. It has been five years and we are at the beginning of a transition and I think it is an irrevocable transition.”Linden Lab board member Mitch Kapor, 2008

“Conversations with many old Lindens and Residents have led me to conclude that we have lost something of the old frontier feel…. I have some ideas on how we can bring this back more.”Linden Lab CEO Rodvik Humble, 2012

It’s hard to pull a short quote from Kapor’s piece. I recommend reading the whole thing, or re-reading it. It gives a good glimpse into where SL was way back when — and in retrospect, a lot of where we may be facing troubles today. I often ponder that “pioneer versus settlers” notion in there.

Still, are we at a reversal, a moving back to pioneer days — or is it “irrevocable,” as Kapor suggests?

4 Responses to “Compare & Contrast”

  1. Jennie Bonde Says:

    I think it is irrevocable in the sense that things will never be “the same” again. Things can never be exactly the same as they were. That doesn’t mean that one can’t choose some of the good things of the past and work toward bringing them back, or something like them. That could bring about new “good times.” But things will never be exactly the same.

    Also, one must avoid the “good old days” fallacy — one tends to remember the good things from the past and not the bad. People long for the nuclear family of the 1950s with a husband with a full-time job, a wife who stayed at home, 2.5 kids, house, car, dog, cat, etc., but they forget that not very many people actually had that, and the USA was under a very real threat of nuclear war.

  2. Jennie Bonde Says:

    I hit Send too soon, but my point was that there are certainly many aspects of SL’s past that we would never want to go back to.

  3. Marianne McCann Says:

    Oh, totally agreed. In SL context, i’ve often heard people tell me how great SL once was — and then I think of the “goold old days” for me. Days which included everyone running around with outfits that said “Missing Image,” Wednesday updated that would stretch into Thursday rollbacks and Friday secondary updated — just in time for grey goo attacks to takedown the grid on Saturday, and Sundays where the grid would melt down because more than 12,000 people logged in! No thanks to that time!

  4. Marianne McCann Says:

    f anything, I think people miss *the wonder* they had about the world then, not so much the reality of the times I miss the wonder too, but I know that bringing back 2006 would not bring that back. 😉

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