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Inner Child Camp 2011

October 6th, 2011 by Marianne McCann

Inner Child Camp 2011

Inner Child Camp is back for 2011, and this year we’re honoring the Burning Man 2011 theme, “Rites of Passage” with one of our own, can you climb up to the top of our passage, and survive the trial by fire? Come and try – or just hang out and play!

All are welcome at Burn2 and at Inner Child Camp. While there, you are likely to meet the greatest cross-section of Second Lifers you’re likely to come across. This will be the fourth year of Inner Child Camp, though SL kids have been “on the playa” for many more years than that. Come celebrate!

So what’s Inner Child Camp, anyway?

Inner Child Camp is a virtual kids theme camp at Burn2. Sort of a virtual version of the first life Kidsville camp.

And Burn2 is?

Burn2 is a virtual extension of the Burning Man festival

Okay, and Burning Man is?

Burning Man is a festival that takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada every August. Over the course of a week, a great city springs up in that desert, celebrating art, community, and fire. An annual burning of the man takes place, as does the burning of the temple. And at the end of the event, it all goes away, leaving no trace of its existence.

Anything I should know before I come?

SL kids are fully welcome at the event. Don’t feel you have to only stay at Inner Child Camp. Go explore!

While you are welcome to come however you are, many like to participate in the aesthetic that is Burning Man. This means coming dressed for the harsh weather of the Nevada desert in late Summer and/or early Autumn, as well as providing your own “artistic flair” to your own presentation. Here’s some shots of adults at the first life event that might inspire you!

With the above in mind, be aware that there can and will be some adults that will be running about in various states of undress. Non-sexual nudity is allowed on the virtual playa (though Second Lifeā„¢ rules about child avatar nudity do still apply).

As part of Burn2 and Burning Man’s tradition of gifting, Inner Child Camp has a number of cool freebies you should check out. Feel free to at least grab a Inner Child Camp bracelet, modeled after the ones the first life kids wear on the playa.

Burn2 is not, itself, a role play area, but there are many elements of the first life event that one might consider “role playish.” The greeters at the front gate, the lamplighters who tend the lamps at night all (and party at the temple all night long), the Department of Mutant Vehicles, and the rangers all fulfill their virtual duties in ways similar to the real-world event staff and volunteers. So do us virtual kids, really.

The Rangers do watch out for trouble, but there more than just “desert cops” or “desert EMTs.” Best I can explain is they work at the event as a sort of “social lubricant.” They’re friendly and helpful, and all around good people.

Also, for a full on experience, come into the event through the entry gates in Burning Man-Deep Hole rather than just starting at an individual camp. It’s part of the experience to come in though the gates, ring the bell, maybe even make your first dust angel.