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About Bay City

January 31st, 2011 by Marianne McCann

NCI in Bay City

I’ve written about Bay City more than a couple times on this very blog. But I’ve always gone from what might be an erroneous assumption: I don’t need to explain what Bay City is, as that’s already known.

I’ve recently talked with several friends about Bay City, in light of the likely move of the former Teen Grid Bay City regions to make up the westside of the current Main Grid Bay City. What surprised me is how few really had heard of it, or knew much about it. So without further ado, an introduction.

Bay City is a parcel of regions to the west of the Nova Albion City sims and the Ahern Welcome Area. These regions were the first product of the Linden Department of Pubic Works’ attempts to redefine the mainland, and as such provide a large amount of mole-made “follies” and open parkland, as well as canals, roads, and other bonuses.

Also, thanks to the large amount of open parks and such, the Resident parcels in Bay City are “double primmed,” meaning that a 512m parcel in Bay City has the same amount of available prims as a 1024m on most of the mainland (Nova Albion, Nautilus City, and some parts of Kama City on Zindra also enjoy this bonus).

The area is lightly themed. As announced on the Second Life blog, Bay City is themed as “the American urban experience, between 1940 and 1965, perhaps best typified by Chicago circa 1950 and marked by a distinct deco influence.” I say “lightly” because it is mainland, and landowners are welcome to build whatever they wish. Many do, however, stay within the basic spirit of the city.

There is one great barrier to life in Bay City, however. While much of the mainland has seen skyrocketing abandonment and prices in the basement Bay City has always been known for being some of the priciest land on the grid. Most parcels start from around L$50k and go upward. On the plus side, it is likely to remain so, as it has weathered even the tough inworld economic times of Mid-2010.

Toy Boat

In exchange for the cost you not only get double-prim land, likely with more than one protected side, and nice views of Linden-owned parks and follies, but you get access to a network of roads and canals, the possibly of a boat dock in New Port, and nearby access to the SLRR and the Hau Koda airport. For those who sell, you have two infohubs in the city (and two more within a 5± region distance), free advertising space at the Bay City Community Center, and several other stores within relatively close proximity.

You also gain the Bay City Alliance, a group made up of Bay City Residents and other interested parties who work together to provide events and foster community in the City by the Bay. I’ve had the pleasure of watching this group mature over the last two years, and see a strong group dedicated to helping make the city a success. They’re one of the big reasons I’m there.

I hope, as the area heads to its third anniversary in May, that you’ll opt to join us. If you are looking for good, quality mainland, think Bay City.

2 Responses to “About Bay City”

  1. HBA Says:

    Brilliant stuff Mari! I’ve posted about it on the Steelhead Ning to try and encourage those Steamies who never visit the mainland to head on over and explore a little :)


  2. Marianne McCann Says:

    Yay, thanks!

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