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More cheek art in the gatcha machines!

December 2nd, 2010 by Marianne McCann

New cheek art out today at You Know, For Kids in Livingtree and Bay City! Better quality art plus more designs!

New Cheek Art

With Second Life’s viewer 2.0 came a new tattoo layer, allowing for this new goodie! Since then, it has been picked up by many popular third-party browsers, too! Although you can only wear them on a viewer that supports tattoo layers, people can see them on you no matter what version of the Second Life browser they’re using!

I recently updated the designs, hand-drawing them and getting a little help from my friend Robin Sojourner to provide better quality cheek art. Also have a couple new ones in the package: 21 designs available, including rainbows, suns, hearts, butterflies and even spiders, skull & crossbones, and snakes!

Sold in a gatcha machine (You know, those capsule machines like you see at the mall or supermarket), so you can randomly win one of the designs every time you buy. Transferrable too, so you can trade with friends!

Available at You Know, For Kids in Bay City – Imaginario and Livingtree!

* Bay City – Imaginario

* Livingtree

But wait… there’s more!

Available in the Bay City – Imaginario store only, it’s Winter Holiday Cheek Art featuring several seasonal designs!

Winter Holiday Cheek Art!

Standard YĆ¼letide fare is there, as well as a couple Hanukkah designs and even some Kwanzaa candles!

Hope you all enjoy!

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