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The Southern Passage

November 11th, 2010 by Marianne McCann

There’s been a lot of talk at the LDPW office hours over the last few months about possibly adding a bit more water to the map. One route in particular has shown some broad appeal to those around it.

Sailing out of New Port

I call it “The Southern Passage,” even though it may not necessarily be as southern as some things, nor really a passage per se. Still, it would serve to connect the bustling cities of Nova Albion and Bay City with the Abbotts Aerodrome and the inland seas.

Using such a path, a stout-hearted sailor could launch from New Port and sail into any of the inland waterways, sailing even into Mare Secundus or the Sea of Fables. A pilot could fly from the Bay City Municipal Airport in Hau Koda all the way to Abbotts without fearing the treacherous air currents (and lag, no object entry, etc.) of the Ahern Welcome Area.

As someone who does occasionally fly an old Terra Stearman out of Hau Koda and is currently moored in New Port, I love the idea. Presumably, such would also fill the void sea that sits between Luna and Gibson, giving a southern water connection to Nova Albion and Nexus Prime.

No maps have been published on the exact routes such things would take, but if I were to speculate — and dream a bit — I’d love to see one of the below.

This first one seems the most obvious choice given the current land configuration. Nice and simple.

Perhaps the one possible difference from what I’ve heard any mention of is that this expands it by one region towards Cowell, allowing the seaport village to connect *and* also allowing for some connection to the end of the roadway in Noyo. Given there seems no way for actual black top to connect from Bay City and Nova Albion to the eastern side of the world, perhaps the only way would be to provide a ferry hook up to “deliver” vehicles from one to the other.

Southern Passage

Edit: After some discussion regarding the sandboxes, I opted to remove a second option that realigned those. I would further suggest sandbox island and extension go one regions’ space south, as shown above, so as to not connect with the mainland. The whole notion being that it allows building and testing that does not impact mainland.

Another Edit: After discussion with Phantom Ninetails in the comments, I humbly offer this possibility, which answer some concerns out of the sandbox, I hope it meets with some approval.

Southern Passage 4th Draft

In this one, the sandboxes are all moved one region’s space to the south, and the Southern passage cuts between the vehicle sims and the sandbox. This may certainly be more amenable for Abbotts as well, providing a clear egress from their runway to the West. It also requires less regions to make the passage, which is a big plus.

Anyway, I offer this up for discussion. I have talked with residents of Bay City. Nova Albion, Nexus Prime, Abbotts, and Cowell, and each seems fond of the idea. It is also endorsed by some sailors and aviators.

So what are your thoughts? Maybe we can help push this along somehow.

One Final Edit: It’s Coming, and possibly as soon as the end of this week! Note that the sandboxes will be in the area, but are simply not pictured on this particular map. Also, there could potentially be last minute changes or additions.

The Plan

21 Responses to “The Southern Passage”

  1. Everest Piek Says:

    awesome…at least one dream i had for a while now finds some support…;)
    great idea and seconded with all my heart!

  2. Lisa Says:

    I saw this yesterday. Didn’t have time to respond but what happened to the other pic? I prefered that one. In any case this will be a wonderful thing to have especially finally filling the void south of Grignano. The Arch will truely be complete finally!

  3. Lorna Stratten Says:

    I LOVE this ide. Would love to see the open sea to the south of NA.

  4. Marianne McCann Says:

    @Lisa. I ended up pulling that after discussion with a Sandbox regular about how they’re set up and used. For one thing, Sandbox Island was an island for a reason (allowing for testing of Bad Things you don’t want to worry about getting loose on the mainland), and much like people elsewhere, they did not like the idea of not having their familiar locations s they are now. I kinda liked that one (it fit kinda my obsessive side putting all the sandboxes together like that), but I understand and respect their viewpoints, and decided to pull it down.

  5. Tagg Nikolaidis Says:

    That would be really really cool!

  6. Phantom Ninetails Says:

    Sandbox regulars often clean physical debris and grief in the sandboxes (Sandbox Goguen and Sandbox Cordova, mainly) by pushing the objects off the south edge of the sandbox, into the void. This proposal to add regions to the south edge would prevent that cleaning method from working effectively; either a no entry parcel would have to be added to the south edge of the sandboxes preventing objects from going into the passage (thus also preventing us from cleaning), or those water regions would have to be constantly full of laggy garbage discarded from the sandboxes.

  7. Marianne McCann Says:

    @Phantom. I was wondering that just a couple hours ago, actually. Definitely would need a no-entry strip or something to make it worthwhile, yes!

  8. Phantom Ninetails Says:

    But that’s a bad thing. If we can’t keep the sandboxes clean, they become unusable.

  9. Marianne McCann Says:

    @Phantom Then I misunderstood. What would you think might work to make both parties happy?

  10. Phantom Ninetails Says:

    I think this southern passage would have to end before it cuts under the sandboxes, or the sandboxes would have to be moved down one space so the passage could sit north of them (and perhaps end at Abbotts).

    Either way would use less regions to create, and thus I think be more likely to go through with the Lindens.

  11. Marianne McCann Says:

    @Phantom Hmn. Well, ending it before then really removed the whole point for it, doesn’t it? But I am intrigued by the notion of putting the passage between the vehicle regions and the sandbox as you suggested. Hmn. Seems a good possible solution.

  12. Jane Fossett Says:

    I love the idea of linking Bay City to the sailing waters further East in Sansara. WOOT!
    I strongly prefer the Southern option, as long as it can access the Sea of Fables and interconnected sailing regions. There are many yacht clubs and marinas around Fables that would enthusiastically join in regattas and related events with Bay City!

    I’ve added a map of my understanding of the options linked below, and will post more on the topic as soon as my ISP cooperates :-)
    (warning: the maps are rather huge)
    xxx Marianne!
    /Jane Fossett

    New Nautilus coastal waterways:

    Possible Bay City Coastal links:

  13. Marianne McCann Says:

    @Phantom I’ve included a jpg above that I think falls in line with one of your suggestions. What do you think?

    @Jane Thanks! I would love to see bonds forged between the marinas around Fables and the Bay City area.

  14. Liv Leigh Says:

    I think the Southern passage is a great idea. Less than a week ago Nautilus and Corsica continents got a second waterway connection. I’ve heard the SL coast Guard is lobbying to make sailing around Corsica a better (and possible) experience, which would make the already existing link to the circumnavigable Gaeta continent working..
    So.. yes.. up north we are trying to link 3 continents together for sailing. It would be great to see the connections in Sansara, historically the most interesting continent, lifted to a higher level as well.

    When you are working on this, also have a look at possible bottlenecks that connect (to) the inland lakes. Those can really ruin the experience, despite of an array of ‘canal’ sims being placed.

  15. Twisted Laws Says:

    Put in a nice bridge from sandbox goguen over the water passage for vehicle access to ease testing/building of vehicles. And fix the shoreline to make it fit in. :)

  16. Marianne McCann Says:

    @Liv Thanks! Agreed on the bottlenecks, too!

    @Twisted Yes! GIven the height there, would make a great canyon to go through – if landscaped well along the edge of the passage, of course. I love the idea of a nice bridge over the crossing too.

  17. Phantom Ninetails Says:

    I like that image, Marianne. It looks like the best solution to me, and is exactly what I had in mind.

  18. Marianne McCann Says:

    @Phantom Awesome. It looks like a big winner to me as well. Frankly offering a better connection for sailing and flying as well.

  19. Nautilus Coastal Waterways Upgrade | Metaverse Sailing Says:

    […] from Luna Palisades to Abbotts that’s shown in the chart above. Marianne McCann discusses that option on her blog and argues persuasively for […]

  20. Jane Fossett Says:

    Thank you Marianne!!!!
    The recent Northern waterway immediately put many new sailing initiatives in motion.

    My guess is a new Southern Passage would have an even larger, explosive impact, opening connections for conversation, commerce and cooperation that extend continent-wide. :-)


  21. Marianne McCann Says:

    @Jane – I agree! It’s a huge benefit to our local community, and opens up the Gulf – FINALLY – to sailing use on a larger scale.

    Watched the Sail rats come into New Port today. It was more than inspiring. :-)

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