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Your World, You Imagination

November 4th, 2010 by Marianne McCann

Yes, I know we’re in the era of “Fast, Easy, Fun,” but the good old slogan that brought me to Second Life very much fits the theme of this post.

During what was a very, very busy weekend, I caught wind of a very random event. Cubey Terra felt he had nothing better to do, so he opted to start a walk from the top of the Heterocera Atoll to the bottom of Sansara. he ended up with quite a few folks traveling with him.

I jumped in at a map check in Fudo. we walked from there, through the snowlands, past Duckfjord, and all the way to Platnium. I did a large chunk of it, crashing shortly before the goal and having to go to my First Life, besides. As we reached the end, we had upwards of 30 avatars in our rag tag crow of mostly oldbies.

The Long Walk

Pictured, L-R: Missy Eriksen, Maggie Darwin, Cubey Terra, Ordinal Malaprop, Graelwyn Magic, Marianne McCann, Arrekusu Muromachi, Max Kleiber, Isablan Neva, Selador Cellardoor, Rodeejaah Urquan, Alisha Matlova, Pavig Lok, Robert Jung, Jeni Roussel, Lyrix Travesty, Starry Rae, Elisha Zamin, Jopsy Pendragon, Izzy Jiagu, Alx Zelier, Florenze Kerensky, Soen Eber, Prokofy Neva, and Zimmy Zuhai.

Again, I find myself noting, this was more than 30 avatars, walking across hundreds of regions. There was quite a bit of lag for this part, and a few times when we got stuck in or under prims in the travels. Hardly a perfect walkabout, but we did it.

Yet I wanted to note something that Cubey said near the end of that walk, commenting on how much of SL is “Random stupid fun.”

Second Life is at the heart a non-passive activity. No one hands you entertainment. You have to go out and find it — or make it. It’s as true as it was on SL in 2003 as it is on SL in 2010.

Sometimes that might be an event that take months or more to plan. A Burn2 or whatever. Sometimes it’s getting together a large number of people to do something special, like this past weekend’s Fall Fishing Frenzy put on by the 7 Seas Fishing folks.

Yet sometimes it is “Random stupid fun.” Cubey decided to do this because of “boredom and a growing sense of futility,” yet I think those participating did have fun. We talked, we walked, we snarked about ugly builds, we enjoyed the nice ones, we enjoyed each others company.

I’m not going to candy coat things. I am in the same boat as many, worried about where Second Life is headed. Frankly, I cringe as much as anyone about some of the… odd… decisions that sometimes come out of Battery Street.

Yet, I also feel we’re all in this together, and we have a part to play in this. It’s not “shovel money into the firebox,” mind you, though I’m sure that helps keep the virtual doors open (at least more than it did for Lively, Vivaty, There, The Sims Online, and others). Rather, our part is to help make the fun, and participate in each others “random stupidity.” Even if it’s just walking with people across two continents, it’s something you can walk away from the computer at the end of the evening feeling like you enjoyed yourself.

I think we often forget that part, or rather we get so busy making and doing things so that others can have fun that we forget to do the same. We end up in our workshops and our social circles get smaller.

The thing is, we’re here in Second Life to have fun. Or should be. Yes, for some of us, that fun comes at a cost, and we need our “serious business” times as well — but don’t forget to balance that with some of that “random stupid fun” other people are having.

One Response to “Your World, You Imagination”

  1. Samm Florian Says:

    As a newbie, I must say that randomness has definitely made for the best moments. Dragons and gorillas on the quad at Oxbridge, Blurtoboxes at Burn2, spying on the Halloween ceremony at the Temple of Dagon, riding on a flying bagel with some Tinies, stumbling on a poetry slam in Winterfell where they shoot colored streamers and rubber ducks into the air by way of applause. God forbid SL ever become routine for me. :)

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