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BlueGin Yifu

October 18th, 2010 by Marianne McCann

In memory of BlueGin Yifu

As everybody knows, I’ve been heavily involved in Bay City since it opened. But I’ve not been alone in this. One of the other “big names” in Bay City was BlueGin Yifu. She founded the Bay City Alliance and was a part of, well, everything there. Her and I learned to respect each other well over our years in Bay City, and she earned my respect like few others. She was a good leader — the sort you who doesn’t make a lot of noise, but who plays a vital part in it all.

I first heard of BlueGin when she founded the Bay City Alliance, and asked me — along with the rest of Bay City’s Residents — to join. Having long seen the involvement of the City Slickers in shaping Nova Albion, I gladly joined.

She wasn’t too sure of me at first. I mean, few are, with a lot of assumptions about child avatars out there and all. At one time she even went so far as to invite me out to her home parcel elsewhere on the mainland, where we spent a couple hours dancing and talking. That, really, was the start of a friendship between her and I.

Her and I did not always see eye to eye in Bay City stuff. She was a far more diplomatic person than I, and able to work with people who I’d have just as soon muted. In the end, though, she had brought me around to her way of thinking, and her ability to include as many as she could is something I hope to emulate.

She could also stay on task better than anyone I know, but doing it in such a way that her voice would be heard, but it never felt like she was being shrill. If she was concerned oh, about a plot of land having a space for Alliance members to rezz — she’d tell you what a nice place it was, how much she liked the idea, but follow up by being clear about the need.

In much the same way, every IM from her did not start with the business of the day, but with asking if all was well. I grew to do the same in return. It was a pleasant change from the way discussions often go, being little more than brief busts of business. There was an air of real interest about the people in her community, a curiosity about our lives and well-being that wasn’t simply a pleasantry.

I’d known she wasn’t well, but was hoping she’d soon recover. In one of our last talks, she spoke of working with her doctor over some flu-like symptoms, and having a reaction to the antibiotics he had her on. She was, as always, optimistic about her recovery. We talked about future plans: some more work on the Bay City Center, our yacht club plans, and a future deco festival she wanted to set up.

Yet a return to good health was apparently not to be. She passed from First and Second Life on October 14th. She will be missed by Bay City — and really missed by me. She had become a source of wise counsel to me, someone I knew I could bounce an idea off of and get an

I’m still trying to pull myself together well enough to plan more than the makeshift memorial at the meeting space — a space she never got to see fully completed. A part of my feels that there is no memorial that will really take in the scope of her work in Bay City and elsewhere.

More to the point, I can feel the loss of her in one big way. In any thoughts of it, I find myself wanting to drop her an IM just like always, and discussing the best steps to take. Would that it was possible.

The City mourns you BlueGin, and I hope you’re in a better spot now.

3 Responses to “BlueGin Yifu”

  1. Lisa Says:

    BlueGin will be missed not only those in Bay City but to all she has touched in cities beyond.
    Maybe sending her a personal IM would be comforting. We send IMs all the time to offline friends. We know what to expect once sent. Say what you feel, Say what you want, say what you mean. In a way it’s communicating to those simply not online.
    You are one of the backbones of Bay City Mari, and I believe in you.

  2. leal choche Says:

    Yes, BlueGin was a true spirit of joy. Please check in Secondlife.com and the Yaroadies group – her good friend Yaro Pinion – he is having a memorial for BlueGin on Saturday Nov 13, 2010 at 4 pm [check inworld to be correct]

  3. Josh Piper Says:

    I had the Pleasure Of meeting Her when i Had my shop in bay city She was super And will Be missed Rest In Peace Blue

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