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New cool stuff from Robin

September 23rd, 2010 by Marianne McCann

It’s not too uncommon for me to write posts promoting some of my own stuff, but I’m steppin’ back for a moment to help tell you about the stuff of a good friend of mine.

I knew Robin Sojourner a little bit before comin’ into SL, and know off her for a lot longer than that. I did not really got to know her well until I asked her, in the late Summer of 2006, for a skin. I’d seen what she’d done with adult skins, and really wanted a decent skin without the limitations others had way back then. Out of that she created a whole line of skins for child avatars, I’ve worked with her, and called her a friend, ever since.

Anyways, about a year or so ago, she had to focus on some first life stuff, and this cut heavily into her time for building stuff. Much of what she got out over the last year – until recently – was also not specifically for us kids. She worked on trees, on tea sets, on water coolers, and other really nice projects. – but for the last couple months, she’s been back into doin’ kid stuff, and doin’ it up nice.

Now SL is fickle. If you don’t put stuff out for a while, people don’t come by to see what you got. Makes perfect sense to me. But now that she’s back to makin some cool stuff, I want to make sure people know about it. So here’s some of the new stuff.

1. Ball caps
Robin's Ball Caps
These came out a bit before camp this summer. There’s a nice, sculpted ball cap that you can get with different deigns on it. It’s touchable for a change of colors. Pretty basic stuff, but still nice, I think.

2. Cutoffs
Beach Bunny
These also came out right around camp. I asked her to make some up because I find it hard to find pants that aren’t low-rise. Her regular jeans fit me great, and I wanted some cut offs. So she released several colors of cutoffs, in two separate lengths. I don’t have a shot of them, but they’re really good, I think.

I did’t have her vendor-y image, so here’s a shot of me with the shorter cutoffs on, an one of the ball caps besides.

3. Candy Jewelry
Candy Jewelry
Candy necklaces and bracelets. Sure, a lot of people have made them. But these are all custom sculpted, and scripted so you or a friend can eat the candy right off the string. Very cool stuff!

4. Chucks Sneakers
Glitterpop Chucks
Camo Chucks
Lately, Robin has been big on shoes. She did some flip flops, then quickly moved to these sneakers. While some of the sculpts in these are commercially available, and a lot of people have used them, she took them back to the drawing board, remapping some of the object files to get a better result. That’s why the textures don’t look stretched out.

Calico Kitty Chucks
She also did these adorable kitty ones that took the whole idea into new territory.

5. Mary Janes
Mary Janes
A couple weeks ago, as she worked on Chucks, I suggested to her that no one had any really good mary janes. Most appeared to be ballet flats modified with a strap. So she took on the challenging, creating these beautiful, very accurately modeled mary janes. Nothing from a kit here, and she put in a ton of little details to them. I’m way biased, of course, but I don’t think you’ll find mary janes this accurate anywhere else in Second Life.

She’s got more stuff comin, but that would be telling. If you are interested in any of the above, or any of her other stuff f’r SL kids, see it all at Kick The Can in Livingtree. Hope to see ya there.

P.S.: kid fashion bloggers. If you are interested in covering any of these goods, please drop me a line. Or jes do it, of course. :-)

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