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On the hunt

September 6th, 2010 by Marianne McCann

Hunting for clues

I’m hunting for some old Second Life history, and am hoping you can lend a hand. I am interested in hearing any stories, seeing old snapshots, and even gaining an artifact or two. If you know anything about the below locations in Second Life from around 2003 and can help, please drop me a line.

1. My SL brother owns a small section of Varney, and this appears to be around were the Varney Boardwalk once was. As such, I am looking for anything on this location. All I have found are two photos in the Governor’s Mansion, a photo from an older version of secondlife.com, and some video footage from YouTube. I’ve also had the good fortune of securing some content from the boardwalk. I would love any more that could be out there, particularly good images of the entrance arch and the overall area. Any relics would be appreciated, as well.

2. Photographs or materials from the Sami Infohub would be greatly appreciated. This infohub was my SL “home” in early 2006, but was decommissioned sometime later that year. I would like any photos or information about this site.

3. Early maps show a location called “Mysterious Ruins” on the border between Lusk and Perry (Roughly Perry 10, 30, 24). There was also a Lindenball Court around Perry 100, 30, 24. I would love any information and photos of these: was Lindenball the same as Jetball (in Rizal), or something different. What were the mysterious ruins?

4. I’ve seen a great many photographs of the outside of Shangri-La, aka Yamato Town or Orientation Station at the Castle. Are there any photos that focus on the interior? Also, many items were presumably lost from this location. Can anyone provide some of what was lost? I’d like to pass these to the LDPW and see if the site cannot be more fully restored.

5. What did Native American Village look like, either in Zoe or Oak Grove?

6. Does anyone have materials from LindenWorld the amusement park? Good photos, signage, the shirt, notecards, or anything?

Any help on these locations or any bits of old Second Life history would be appreciated.

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  1. Nber Medici Says:

    I came to SL in February of 2004. IM me and I will share stories of the first sailing and of Telador Isle.. a recreation of part of Uru Online.

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