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A fun road route for the Summer road trip

June 7th, 2010 by Marianne McCann

So it is no surprise to anyone that I like traveling and exploring the mainland. I’ve always lived in the Mainland. In fact, I’ve only ever owned land on Sansara, the first continent. Likewise, no one will be shocked when I say how much I like Mole builds, especially cuz I just got done saying that in my last “non-spammy” blog post. Of course, you also will not be in any way shocked if i mention liking good role play options for kids, especially ones that might have just a slight tinge of nostalgia to them.

Now when I was a kid in my First Life, it was pretty common to go out on day trips with the family, or even long drives for vacations. think of National Lampoon’s Vacation for example, and the Griswald family’s ill-fated trip to Wally World in their “Family Truckster.”

But could you do this in Second Life? I think so, and here’s a possible route that might make for some fun role-play for a Second Life family or others.

Region crossing

First, a word of advice: if you have ever crossed a region boundary, you know that you can “rubber band” or face other weirdness. In a car, you can have all sorts of weirdness. Your car can get lost, you might crash out of Second Life, and little pixies might carry you off in the night. Or stuff. Bast thing t’do is jes accept that this will happen, and just “roll with it.” Find a good spot to wait for folks who crash, or whatever. You can also drive slow, especially over sim crossings (the route I’m going to mention has big signs at each crossing, but not all routes do). You’ll also find several rez zones along the way (most of these regions have em, and many look like pullouts or parking areas. Each has a “Rez Zone” sign).

I’d recommend starting this route sometime in the SL Daytime, probably early in the day (1:00, 5:00, or 9:00 PDT). if you take things fairly easy and explore a lot, you might make it to the final stop just after dark. A perfect little end.

This route will take you across Route 1 on The Heterocera Atoll, a land mass discovered by Magellan Linden way back in ’05. Each of the regions here are named after moths, prob’ly because of the moth worshippers at the old temple in Iris. That’s a story f’r another time. The route is paved with cobblestones, so make sure you have your cars suspension checked out at the first stop, Mole Mart in Leafminer – it’s a small gas station and mini mart which is full of free mole stuff. There’s also a nice picnic area just to the east – but only get a snack. Lunch will be up the road.

Exit Mole Mart to the north (you may have to pull around to the other side of the Mart to find the road; use your mini map for compass directions, or get a free compass HUD at my store). This will be Route 1 heading towards Clearwing. Just a ways up the road, in Clearwing to the right hand side, will be an apple cart. They’re fresh, and you can buy a bucket to take home.

Just beyond it, also in Clearwing, is a beautiful old butterfly house. Very pretty to look at and explore.

Peach Pit diner

Just a bit further down the road, on the right hand side of Route 1 in Peach, you’ll find the Peach Pit. It’s a nice, clean diner with lots of good food. No rez inside the building, but all the food is attachable. You’ll find it on the serving counters. Check out their kebobs!

As you travel past the Peach Pit watch out for speed traps. I saw traffic cameras recording your speed in Astarte, Lunalis, and Athetis – but there may be others.

In Rivula, to the left-hand side of the road (though the park is just over the region border, in Moneta), you’ll find a large, privately-owned amusement park. It’s no Wally World, but it looks fun to me. There’s also a small mole-made park just up the way from it, too, in a traffic roundabout. Both look to be good places for stretching your legs for a bit. When leaving, take the route towards Parva.

In Parva is another little picnic lay-by by a waterfall, again on the right-hand side. Up the hill from there is a smallish, privately owned park, too.

A bit further down the road, on the right again in Mormo, is newbie Bob’s Souvenirs. You can get a commemorative Route 1 shirt or sign to remind you of your trip! Another small pullout is just beyond it.

A little further down the road, to the right in Spini, is the Spini Reservoir. I would not recommend fishing at it,though. Some of those fish definitely don’t look right.

Pit's Truck Stop

Finally, the end of this journey, on the left hand side of the road in Ribeata, is Pit’s Truck Stop and the Last Stop Motel (The motel’s rooms are actually just over the border in Sylvata). It’s fairly run down and a little grungy, but it’s cheap and about the only motel you’re gonna find. Just avoid the swimming pool, and “hold it” ’til you get to your room – the bathroom in the mini mart is serious messy. On the plus side, much of the truck stop and motel is rezzable.

There is more to route one, on either side. Further down the road past Pit’s is the way down into the hobo infohub in Calleta and the Second life Railroad – but this gives you a big taste of travel along Route 1 (and mainland in general), and I think a nice framework for a bit of role-play. It’ll be what all of you make it, and I hope it provides a backdrop for a memorable Summer road trip.

Summer fireworks time at Livingtree!

June 5th, 2010 by Marianne McCann

Summer is upon us, and that means the start of my Summertime firework shows! Come down to Livingtree this Saturday, May 30th at 8:00 p.m. SLT and join in the fun!

Fireworks Poster


Refreshments will be provided for all. Event is free of charge. All are welcome, so come on down an enjoy. Come early, too, because the sim can fill up pretty quick!

Shows will be every Saturday at 8, though Labor Day!

While there, feel free to check out the island. All of Robin Sojourner’s stores (The AV store featuring her skin and clothing work, The Broom Closet, and Kick The Can for child avatars) are located there, as well as her texture tutorial, library, and Wiccan learning center. You’ll also find You Know… For Kids and Pygar’s Stuff That He Made main stores, as well as Marianne McCann’s herbs and plants.

Also, there are rentable (free) kayaks for exploring the island, a big playground, a swimming hole, drum circle, as fishing area (offering both Neo-Realms and 7 Seas fishing), and other goodies to explore. There’s even a few hidden surprises here and there!

New playground slide… you know, for kids!

June 3rd, 2010 by Marianne McCann

if there’s one thing I’ve always wanted in Second Life, it’s a decent playground slide. One that looks like those big, all-metal slides of my youth. One that I and climb up the ladder and slide down. Now I am proud to say I’ve finally managed to put together the slide I’ve wanted in SL since 2006.

Playground Slide

Your avatar will go up and over! It’s light on the scripts (only one sit script that is shorter than most pose balls) and light on the prims (only siz sculpted prims). Unlike my old slides, too, this one requires *no* special setup: simply rez it and sit!


It’s perfect for playgrounds (especially ones with a slight tinger of retro nostalgia) and great in the backyard. Sold transferrable, and perfect for a gift! I think it will bring you lots of amusement!

You’ll find it at You Know, For Kids in Bay City – Imaginario, Livingtree, Funky Town, and in Fletcher at Inner Child Depot!

* Bay City – Imaginario

* Livingtree

* Inner Child Depot, booth 103 in Fletcher

* Funky Town

Also available in the SL Marketplace!-