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Hooray for Moles!

May 27th, 2010 by Marianne McCann

Two years ago, Linden Lab started the Linden Department of Public Works. While not as flashy as big technological breakthroughs or whatever, the LDPW and their “Moles” have been a huge betterment to the Second Life Grid.

Moose Beach

For one, the department helps fix things. Two years ago, I started to look at how much was of Linden Lab’s inworld structures were busted up. I found places where road, bridgeworks, even whole buildings were destroyed and unusable. The vehicle regions were not very usable. Famed Mt. G’al was unable to take any noob sacrifices. So much just felt neglected and uncared for.

Today, the vehicle sims are in fine form, many of the worst damaged places are fixed or are being fixed, and things don’t feel as run down as they did. Oh, and falling into Mt. G’al’s lava will kill ya once more.

Mt. G'al's Caldera

But they do more than just fix broken stuff. Aside from their work on big projects like Zindra, Nascera, the Blake Sea, Nautilus City, and Bay City, they also build our roads, have been fixing our rails, decorating other waterways, providing little builds here and there along the way.

The benefit of these should be obvious. Because of their work, you can spend an hour riding a ferry boat along the Blake Sea waterways. You can take out a car and race at Talpidega Speedway in Georgean. You can fly a plane out of the Bay City Municipal Airport and fly round the Gulf of Lauren. You can grab a juice drink in Brownlee. You can find the merman bunker in the seas west of Degrand. You can stay over at the truck stop in Ribeata. You can explore dozens of places all over the Second Life mainland.

Talpidega Speedway

What’s more, all of these places are open to us all. There is no one to tell you that your not welcome, which can be of great benefit to those who play child avatars. We’re all equally welcome at these places, and can all enjoy them. It’s like land we get to play on as an extra value to our membership in Second Life.

They’ve been doing a lot of roadwork, paving paths all over. Some have been making new switches and crossings for the SLRR. A great many have been decorating waterways around Baffin, Kara, and Thurston. They’re fixing up the old sports area in Rizal and Wild West Town in Oak Grove.

Coral Reef

For those who do the sort of role play I do, or just anyone curious, check out the LDPW Parks and Recreation Directory, and go see some of these places. It’s worth your time!

3 Responses to “Hooray for Moles!”

  1. Curious Hazelnut Says:

    MM, thanks for the link. I thought I had explored lots of the mainland but there’s stuff on that LDPW P&R Directory that I didn’t know about. I got more ‘splorin’ to do!

    What sorta RP is it you do? Need a friend to go ‘splorin with?

  2. Feted Inner Child » Blog Archive » A fun road route for the Summer road trip Says:

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  3. CH Says:

    Ya, Kids. I got that part … but ya see, Zeus and I play “space friends” (kid and pup) and go exploring strange new worlds. Bea be a pirate kid, Yar! And at least once Bea and I “pillaged” a town and stole all the candy. I found a reasonably kid-friendly heavy RP group based on Battlestar Galactica. I got away with being a kid on a Babylon 5 thing for a short while. I’m a pixie (basically kid) in Elf Clan. Oh, and I’ve got a big family in Corriander. So, lots of choices and styles of RP.

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