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Kid Unity

May 17th, 2010 by Marianne McCann

I want to take a moment to talk to those who are kids in Second Life, as well as those who take on the role of parent, caregiver, teacher, principal, scout leader, camp counselor, and whatever else I may have missed from the list.

Our community is a great one, filled with special, wonderful people.

Us kids have opened up a part of ourselves rarely seen, sometimes shy, sometimes capricious, always childlike part of out psyche — and through this, have unleashed some awesome parts of ourselves onto the Second Life Grid.

Those who serve as adults, too, are very special. These people nurture our inner kids, providing incredible places and wonderful experiences, while giving a great amount of their time creating amazing shared experiences for us all.

Yet, I also know that our community is a fragile one. Over time, I have seen wounds open up between people, virtual kids and parents set against each other, adults against adults, kids against kids. Entire subcultures have begun to spring up in response, and these may well end up hurting us all.

Perhaps there were slights, perhaps great wrongs. I know that there are people amongst out community who hurt every day over things that may have happened here. In a world where we are here for fun and joy, we need to look hard at this.

Each of us is a special being, and capable of great things. We may have a hard time believing it, but I’ve seen this little group of ours grow from a handful of people dispersed over the grid like so much thistle down, to a large but disparate community.

We don’t have to agree with each other every day, and I know that there are kids and adults out there who I don’t always agree with. I’m no saint neither.

Yet I ask each of you this: if you feel you were wronged once, try to forgive. Seek out those who you were hurt by, and talk to them. Don’t accuse, but seek to mend. Likewise, if someone does seek you out, or if you feel you may have hurt someone, seek them out too, and tell them your sorry for any thing you might have done to hurt them.

We are a big, wonderful bunch — but we’re even better as a team. Imagine what our world could be if all the schools worked as a district, if our regions worked to the benefit of all, if we could truly be one community?

Let’s make this happen, and strengthen our ties to each other: we’ll all stand to benefit.

2 Responses to “Kid Unity”

  1. FionaRose Says:

    I agree with this. I even did what the bottom asked for us to do (though it was through the blog) by forgiving and apologizing. This is a great post =)

  2. Audra Graves Says:

    Perfectly worded Mari! And thank you for saying this!

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