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A fashion challenge?

April 22nd, 2010 by Marianne McCann

POPI by Eshi Otawara

Okay, this may be a self-serving post, but well… it is my blog, after all!

I love a lot of the kid clothing designers. I think my Robin Sojourner overalls are great, I’ve watched Chelsea Grigg grow into an incredible designer over the last few years, and I really like a lot of Babydoll Stardust’s designs (though I wish her jeans were, um, not so low). There are many others out there I like lots, too.

But I wish that some of the really great adult clothing designers would take a turn at doing some kid clothing in their own particular style.

I’v thought about this for a while now. I’ll see big First Life retailers release fashionable kids clothing, for example the Stella McCartney collection for Gap Kids, or L.L. Bean, or others. Stuff that real kids wear, you know?

A couple weeks ago a designer of retro style clothes shared pages of some First Life retro style clothing for adults and kids. The First Life me was all over that first category, but some of those kid outfits would be great for my avatar.

It strikes me that, aside from a small amount of victorian ware, one will be hard-pressed to find any period-specific kidware in-world. I’d love to find outfits for kids that reflect mid-century designs, or even some of the looks of the 1970s or 1980s, as an example.

i’d also love to see what some of the most talented designers in SL could do to work around the limitations of the Second Life avatar when shrunk down. What solutions would they come up for the folds in the shoulders and waist? How would they handle the “kankles,” let alone the chest issues on the female avatar (or, for that matter, the broad shoulders and “package” issues of the smaller male avatars!). They’d also need to avoid the low cuts, short skirts, and “boob shading” so common in adult avvie outfits.

So, if you are a designer who regularly creates adult clothing, who has made a name for themselves doing so — I implore you to try your hand at making some kidwear. I’ll even lend a hand, if you want.

(Thanks to Eshi Otawara for resizing one of her awesome outfits for the above photo!)

4 Responses to “A fashion challenge?”

  1. Ziggy Says:

    Evie’s Closet! Evie does a lot of kid versions of her gowns, not just resized prims but altered necklines etc. Plus they’re gorgeous.

  2. Marianne McCann Says:

    Awesome! Is it just gowns, though? They’ll get wrecked on the playground…

  3. Ziggy Says:

    Mostly gowns I think, but you could wear jeans instead of the skirts if you’re gunna be making mudpies.

  4. Jane Denimore Says:

    Oh my gosh, Mari, I totally agree. I looked everywhere for some quality Victorian clothing for kid avatars, for a roleplay sim and there just plain isn’t any. Awesome post. <3

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