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More newness from You Know, For Kids!

March 19th, 2010 by Marianne McCann

First off, I now have a Subscribe-o-Matic – just click the board at my Bay City – Imaginario, Livingtree, or Inner Child Depot in Fletcher stores to join!

YKFK Subscribe-O-Matic!

I’ll be doing updates, events, and goodies though it, even.

Fresh in the store – the You Know, For Kids Bug Zoo!

Bug Zoo!

This handy jug, presented in one of two colors and featuring both a display and handheld model, is a must-have for the young bug hunter! Also includes several prim insects for decorating your bug zoo (or sneaking into your siblings room – did I say that outloud?)

Also new from You Know, For Kids – the Easter pinwheel, and a new version of the spring pinwheel!

New Easter & Spring Pinwheels

Both spin based on the Second Life wind, and also animate your hand and arm. The Easter one features pastel colors, while the spring one has bright springtime shades! Also, while holding the Easter pinwheel say “egg” for a shower of airborn easter eggs! The spring pinwheel also releases airboarn daisys when you say “flowers!”

Pinwheels and Bug Zoos are available at You Know, For Kids in Bay City – Imaginario, Livingtree, Funky Town, and in Fletcher at Inner Child Depot!

* Bay City – Imaginario

* Livingtree

* Inner Child Depot, booth 103 in Fletcher

* Funky Town

2 Responses to “More newness from You Know, For Kids!”

  1. Mark Says:

    I loved the bug-zoo when I was little! And it looks just as I remember it, great job! Do you still have one or it is from memory? Ive been looking everywhere for one and can’t even come up with a picture on the Goog, so I was beginning to question my memory :)

  2. Marianne McCann Says:

    I don’t have one, but did eventually find it on a long google search way back when. I used to have two as a kid.

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