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Announcing Miramare Place

January 7th, 2010 by Marianne McCann

I realize I mentioned Miramare Place in my last post, but did not give any further information on it!

Miramare Place

After a long time of wanting to be in Nova Albion (I had actually poked about there before Bay City was announced), a friend finally persuaded me with this small chunk of land. I faced it as a challenge, given the following actual and imposed contraints:

1. The parcel is 192 square meters, and supports only 87 prims. Further, it is 8m x 24m. This would require some cautious use of prims.

2. It is in Miramare, a PG region within the old city area of Nova Albion, and the neighboring buildings are largely futuristic in design. Because of the style of the neighboring builds, it should be build with standard prims versus sculpted as much as possible as well as have a futuristic look.

3. The build should reflect my interest in Second Life(tm) exploration and my knowledge of the local area surrounding Miramare.

4. The build should help promote Livingtree Island in some fashion, but any such marketing should be non-obtrusive.

5. The build should be a social place, where people can gather and hang out.

Miramare Place

The result is Miramare Place, a small refreshment stand featuring snow cones served by a robotic friend (he was inspired by another Nova Albion resident Osprey Therian’s suggestions for the parcel). The build is retro-futuristic befitting both a city of the 1960s or a far-flung city of tomorrow.

It is designed to liven up its side of Miramare, which has been mostly unused for some time. Smaller than its skyscraper neighbors, it still seeks to fit in amongst them, providing a place for the weary traveller to rest and relax. The music stream, too, is space-age loungey stuff.

Miramare Place

Much of the content is interactive, with a board that gives out landmarks to explore, another with local area information in a notecard, a snack selling robot, napkin dispensers (probably the single most useless thing in SL, but still fun), and even an easter egg or two hidden in the build.

Come on by and check it out, enjoy a break by the water in Miramare, and say hi if I’m there. I’d love your feedback!

Miramare Place

3 Responses to “Announcing Miramare Place”

  1. HeadBurro Antfarm Says:

    Hey! That looks brilliant! Well done mate!

  2. Marianne McCann Says:

    Thanks! I think there’s stuff there on the walls that will definitely appeal t’ ya, too!

  3. Adric Antfarm Says:

    Everything is better with snow cones.


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