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The Rosebud Flyer Little Red Wagon

November 24th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

It’s been a while since I’ve had something new in my store (I’ve been busy building buildings an stuff), bur finally, from You Know, For Kids – the Rosebud Flyer Little Red Wagon!

Rosebud Flyer Wagon

Rideable as a vehicle by two kid avvies, only 9 prims too, so it’s not too much to leave sitting out either. Tons of fun, too!

This is rezzed out onto the ground (or wherever). You can then sit in it to ride it around like a vehicle. It’s not too fast an doesn’t go up hills much, but it’s fun going down then!

It’s 9 prims, and sold modify, copy, no transfer. You can modify the prims in case you need to make the wagon a little bigger for you.

It handles sim crossings fairly well, or as well as most vehicles in Second Life. You may snap back a bit when you ride in it. If you lose it on a sim crossing of whatever, just rez another one from your inventory.

Available You Know, For Kids in Bay CIty – Imaginario, Livingtree, Funky Town, and Inner Child Depot, as well as XStreetSL!

6 Responses to “The Rosebud Flyer Little Red Wagon”

  1. Melody Paperdoll Says:

    oh I will be getting one of these for sure, I bought somethin similar a while back but it didn’t work with my size hehe, the wheels went in the ground :)

  2. Marianne McCann Says:

    That should definitely fit you okay.Yer about my size, after all!

  3. Fern Eyre Says:

    omg omg omg. I can’t wait to get this and try it out! 😀
    awesome pawsome as always Mari :)

  4. Adric Antfarm Says:

    And it ramps well.


  5. Marianne McCann Says:

    Sweet shot!

  6. thewagonstore Says:

    Cute red wagon.

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