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(Under)Age of the robots?

September 4th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

So this week’s big drama is about Robot kids, huh?

F’r the last few days I’ve had random friends I’ve not heard form lately IMing me out of the blue to ask my opinion on the whole KidsBotz Controversy. For those who don’t know what this is, an avvie named Naughty Dreamscape set up some, well, kid bots. People can rent them and have them as their SL sons and daughters. Some have raised concerns about how they might get used.

Anyway here’s my feelings:

1. Yes, someone could presumably pay a lot of Lindens, take one of these home, and use it for some sick purpose. I think it’s more likely that someone would just make their own ‘bot to do that, or even just get an alt of their own, rather than bother to pay someone for the use of their ‘bots. It may not be much ado about nothing — but it’s pretty close.

2. I think that any potential SL parent who would rent a ‘bot for their SL kid is the sort of person I would not want to see in an RP scenario with any of the “real” (meaning “with a human behind the keyboard”) SL child avvies. These are the sorts who clearly don’t seem to get the whole “interacting with real people” thing.

3. Frankly, from the examples of chat with these ‘bots that I’ve seen, I think most would get bored with these ‘bots pretty quickly. I honestly don’t see this as any sort of long-term, viable business. That this is being discussed so much however, means the maker of ’em is getting some great free publicity.

4. There are far bigger issues and concerns in this world than someone who makes a business out of renting ‘bots.

5 Responses to “(Under)Age of the robots?”

  1. Abby Callisto Says:

    I was left an offline by one of these *KidBots* and when I logged on to reply….I got nothing but annoying replies that made no sense whatsoever or even pertained to the questions I had asked. I spoke with Naughty Dreamscape personally and was assured these bots were *protected* as much as possible from being used in the wrong way. However, I am still not sold on them considering Naughty Dreamscape clearly advertises *Naughty Bots* that strip and pole dance in her profile. Which are *adult bots* I found it rather funny she would be talking to me about the protection of a kidbot and plainly advertising adult naughty bots in her profile…lol…I have to agree with you on this one Mari, this will not be a viable business and will not last long enough to even show a concern about. You cannot replace the smile and laughter of a real role playing kid in a family. Anyone who wants to run their own kid in this manner…is merely only multi tasking role play with themselves. Its pointless…cold….and unemotional.

  2. Marianne McCann Says:

    That is one of the things that does concern me about the whole mess, Abby. You would think someone would think about how selling stripping, pole-dancing bots might affect the way people look at their business of selling kid ‘bots. Not that I’ve always made the wisest choices… but really.

  3. Abby Callisto Says:

    ***extra note***
    My reply was not meant to put down Naughty. I found her a pleasant person to talk to, and her idea seems valid…She showed a great concern about these being used in the wrong way. I just personally see no future in them. However, I do wish you the best of luck Naughty. My only suggestion…..seperate the business from Naughty Bots. Its what is causing you the most controversy.

  4. Abby Callisto Says:

    lol, yes, I have to agree. The *bot business* needs to be completely seperated if this is something she feels strongly about. I dont put down anothers idea of a business, but red flags do pop up at me when it is being advertised along side an adult bot business. It makes one wonder what the heck are they thinking. Which on the other hand only shows me further, her heart is in the right place….but her mind was skipping school that day….lol

  5. Fern Eyre Says:

    This whole “bot for hire thing” sounds abit like that TV show by Joss Whedon “dollhouse”

    personally I don’t like it. like Marianne mentioned in her post its really not embracing the spirit of SL which is to interact with other people in the virtual world, even if they don’t get used for sick purposes which is pretty likely to happen I think

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