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Yet another move!

July 24th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

As well as the somewhat difficult change of homes, I also moved one of my stores. A parcel became available next door, and I was able to invest a bit into getting it. I’ve needed some additional prims for my Bay City store for some time, and this gave be the option.

Of course, much like when I first built my Bay City store, I could not simply do it the “normal” way. The plot was fenced, with large condemned signs, and a foreman’s trailer was brought in. I tilled the land with the use of dirt textured prims and some earthmoving equipment. Eventually, a concrete foundation was laid. Then the flatbed truck showed up.

A couple hours later I had all the items moved into the new location and the store was up and running. It i essentially the same building as I had before, albeit a bit longer to fit the new parcel better, and in a much better location. Right along Route 66, with the tolley stop and a park right across the street. One sim down from an active infohub, so it’s close — but not too close.

Next will be putting a building on the old plot — but for now, it too is a construction parcel, complete with dirt, a foreman’s trailer, and so on.

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