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The Long Haul

July 17th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

Home in Hundertwasser

After three years and about four months of living in a nice home in Hundertwasser, I had to clear and prep for sale my home location since almost the beginning of my Second Life. Was an economic decision, but not an easy one. I can relate a lot of great things that happened there, though the last several months have been very quiet and melancholy at that house.

Some months ago I managed to score a plot or two in Shermerville NW, which makes for a nice — though small — home for me an my siblings. Anyway, we (my, by brother, and one aunt as time allowed) drove a “U Haul” as close to cross country as we could. Had to make allowances for both the area of the old house (all canals, no roads), and the lack of roadway from Noyo to Dore.

I really recommend this kinda drive. It’s an interesting way to see our world. Things start to “connect” rather than being a random set of teleport coordinates. While there still is a fair amount of blight and ugliness out there — though not like it was before the ad farm ban — there’s also a lot of beauty to be had. Just be prepared to use a lot of time, be ready for crashes and hard sim crossings, etc. You’ll also have to learn to be creative with finding good rez areas, especially with the Sansara continent.

This trip, for the record, was roughly 60 sims, I made one wrong turn, crached three times, had to wait twice for the next sim to restart, and one time had to contact Live Chat to get my avatar released after the first bad crash.

4 Responses to “The Long Haul”

  1. Holocluck Henly Says:

    How long did the ride take?

  2. Marianne McCann Says:

    Roughly 2-3 hours. Hard to judge as there were a lot of time spent talking and taking photos, not driving.

  3. Imnotgoing Sideways Says:

    Darned tourists. (^_^)

  4. hba Says:

    Wow! I love trips like that, and you’re so right that taking pics is what slows you down. My road trip posts took forever just because of the pics :)

    Sorry to see you leave your old home, but as someone who’s just done the same (posting about it soon too) it’s also a great opportunity to move on. Enjoy your new place just as much as your old one!

    hba x

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