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June 16th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

My, it’s been an interesting 24 hours or so.

Yesterday ’round 6 or so, I received word that the adult continent, Zindra, was open for preview. So — as I’d told many that I would — I went to check it out.

My logic on this is simple. When the support tickets go in and when the land sales start, I’d not really going to want to be there. I chose those words carefully: it’s not an issue of rules, but desire. Many of the locations that will be there will be full of sexual or violent content, and neither hold my interest in the virtual world.

What does hold my interest, amongst other things, is exploring. In my three years in Second Life, I’ve managed to explore several of the new land masses in their earliest states. I rose my horse on Corsica, Gaeta, and Nautilus (I think Satori too, but I’m not 100% sure) before they were populated. I explored Bay City and Nautilus City by land and air. I sailed the Blake Sea, the Gulf of Lauren, the DeGrand Channel, and the channel in Jeogeot when these were in their earliest moments. I watched the Linden Memorial Garden and the Bay City Municipal Airport as they went from flat land to fully built.

I love exploring new lands, enjoying the bare fields that will one day be covered with Resident builds, or poking around Mole builds to see just what they’ve hidden this time. To be honest, I usually enjoy this more than seeing the land after. I remember when one of my only LMs in then-new Nautilus got sold and became a sex club, or the flat, terraces, “for sale sign” festooned land of Gaeta, or seeing dark, modern skyscrapers in Nautilus City. Such is the march of progress, to be sure, but that’s when I tend to lose the interest of exploring.

So last night I got my chance to explore the new continent, Zindra. my first stop was where everyone else was, the sim of Mosh, right at the Port of Kama City building. It’s a beautiful building. Under other circumstances, I would even be half-tempted to have land there.

Port of Kama City

Anyway, I hung out there for a while. Watched a parade of Linden Lab staff come and go, even including M Linden, their CEO. Talked with some of the other folks Im friends with from off the SL Forums and elsewhere. Eventually, Blondin Linden tossed some music in on the parcel’s stream, and we all had one of those random dance parties that spring up. It happens.

Meanwhile, some of the other avatars there played with their avvies, doing the “my avatar is bigger than yours,” including some sort of stone indian, a Tiamat-style dragon, an anthropmorpic elephant thing and, yes, a cartoon penis that was one avatar for about five minutes.

So it was interesting when, a couple hours later, some guy told me that I was featured on a particular blog, because I was “dancing with a penis on the Adult Grid (sic.).” I was informed that this proved I was a fraud or whatever. At the least, that it pulled into question the purity of my actions over the last three years in Second Life. Hogwash.

Here’s what the place looked like that I was at.
Meeting in Mosh

Shocking, huh? So thick with sexual innuendo and rife with adult content. Avatars. Fully clothed. Standing around.

Anyway, there it is, the shocking story. FWIW, I think I’ll write another post here, on the more general issues.

Edited to add: here is a photo, courtesy of 3Ring Binder, that can give a real good idea of the proximity of said penile avatar to my avatar (and the elephant thing, and Tiamat). I wasn’t exactly close — or even within camera range. I was definitely there at that time.

6 Responses to “zOMG!”

  1. Molly Montale Says:

    Visiting Zindra today is no different from being on any mature rated sim on the mainland a week ago. It is not that Zindra will be all about sex & violence. It is simply permitted there. Eventually there will be many locations there that will have nothing to do with sex & violence. I feel that a lot of people will be attracted to Zindra simply because they feel it will have a more clearly defined TOS enforced there or for no other reason than the hope that Zindra will offer protection from unverified griefer types.
    If I or anyone choose to visit a shop or attraction in the future that has decided to locate there it will certainly not mean automatically that I am on a sim seeking “adult” activity. It will be very interesting watching how this new continent developes.

  2. Marianne McCann Says:

    True on all points, Molly :-)

  3. Mary Says:

    Visiting was a lapse in judgement. You know it’s the new mature sim and know that there’s a problem with child avvies and adult areas.

  4. HeadBurro Antfarm Says:

    Hell, apart from Mag’s crash site & the temple in Nautilus, I’ve not visited there yet. Same in Bay City – I’ve only managed the opening parade and then a quick visit to the asylum. I have so little time in-world now that by the time I get around to Zindra (what happened to Ursula?) it’ll be old hat again.

    That’s it. I have no point ;-D

    p.s. sex and violence don’t much interest me either – excpet thing like Combat Cards or roleplaying in places like Deadwood (you should catch the discussion on my blog about RPing – very interesting points from Emilly Orr, Dio Kuhr and others.)

    p.p.s. I did read on Dale Innis’ weblog that the moles build Zindra not knowign it was to by made into Pornatopia – maybe that’s why it doesn’t look like what it feels it should look like (to me, it should look like any real world downtown area where all the sex shop, club and rough-ass bars are – sort of seedy, but also very alive and exciting).

    p.p.p.s. I did have a point after all! Whodathunk? Not me!

    p.p.p.p.s. I may be waffling now.

  5. HeadBurro Antfarm Says:

    Another point! I don’t care about child avs visiting mature places under two conditions: 1) the owners have been age verified (then it’s only like me coming as a gazelle – something I obviously am not in RL); and 2) they don’t do the jiggy jiggy stuff as child avs cos that’s just icky – age play is just yuk.

    But do you know, I’ve never met one kid av in SL that ever gave off the slightest hint they were there for sex – they all just seem to be embracing a playful spirit of childhood.

  6. Not so childish play… | Digital DNA Says:

    […] I have no idea who 3Ring Binder is, nor do I care, for that matter, esp after their asinine comment, “the child was here first.” As for Marriane? Yes, I have heard that she is supposedly repentant for her gross lack of judgement however her posting of wiki link hardly supports that bit. Then again, since she is play-pretending to be a child. Perhaps she is also play-pretending to be repentant. Either way, here’s her post about visiting Zindra. […]

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