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The rule book

June 16th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

I did want to point that out though, just so it was clear. Policies towards child avatars have not changed. We still can’t do the same things we could not do for the last two years, on Zindra or anywhere. We *can* do the same basic things we’ve done elsewhere on the grid.

I can be in public areas. I can go into privately-owned parcels and islands (within the rules of that particular landowner, of course). I can own land in any place and with any maturity level. What I *can’t* do is be involved in sexual ageplay. I cannot make a place that is designed for sexual ageplay (for example, making a ‘sex playground’ or something like that). I cannot solicit for sexual ageplay. I cannot walk into someone’s private parcel or sim – or SL public space, for that matter – and perform or solicit (or in some cases, appear to solicit) sexual ageplay.

Further, I cannot say that I am underage in my first Life (never minding that I am not underage in my first life). I *can* claim a RP age in Second Life, but that can end up causing some troubles with people who do not understand the difference between role play and first life actuality.

Anyway, that’s all that. For myself personally, I’ve looked at Zindra, it has some nice architecture and is far from the “ghetto” people might have anticipated (One can argue that a golden cage is still a cage, of course, but I digress). The moles did some very nice work there, and I applaud ’em for it. There might be a couple other spots there I’ll want to take a peek at, but the majority of my “Zindra time” will be up soon regardless of who is or isn’t allowed there.

8 Responses to “The rule book”

  1. Holocluck Henly Says:

    I’m not a child avatar, but you know for the most part I live a PG life as it suits me. I went for much the same reasons you did; you and I share an interest in Linden projects and watching the grid develop. Except I missed the part 😛 Anyway, this was a preview time and open to all. The blogger is most likely just of age or barely over. College kids like to work the rebellious card since they’re away from home for the first time and can experiment to excess without someone monitoring them. They’re notoriously territorial when it comes to designated areas and their right to exercise whatever right they feel they have. This person’s blog entries were blind rants, a kneejerk reaction to seeing your and Johnny’s avatars in a place he stood countless times (virtual like) at office hours to show his allegiance to the right to bear an extra arm whenever he pleased. He was absolutely ignorant of the circumstances and merely called up labels to cover (and justify exercising) his hatred for certain types on the grid. No one is arguing the purpose of the continent once it’s actively populated; enough mainland projects were postponed to make Zindra. But it’s obvious he wants things HIS WAY RIGHT NOW, and is intolerant of the cultural diversity Second Life offers. Like I said: needs some growing up.

    I’m glad I flew around and got to see the Bay of Ursula, the dam, the terrain and many roads and streets, a rail system in progress… We’ve monitored the continent’s development for months with Michael at the SLDPW meetings. That’s what I came there for last night too, and that’s pretty much all I’d need to be there for.

    For all the ranting and raving, there seems to be something wrong to him about people who leave certain things offline. Because they can.

  2. Valla Griffin Says:

    Been reading the xstreet forums about this just now. I’m sorry that you are being flamed so much for visiting Zindra. You didn’t do anything wrong and you don’t deserve the hate. *hugs*

  3. Marianne McCann Says:

    @Valla – Thankoo. Really, I’m pretty okay with it. Thick skin an all. I’m more worried abotu friend of mine who have had to wade through some of this today

  4. Marianne McCann Says:

    @Holocluck – well said. Really, I feel like I’ve given too much to this all, with the responses here and all. Their ranting isn’t worth that chunk of my time – I had meetings and machinima to do today!

  5. Mary Says:

    So, what DOES a child avvie do on the continent specifically designed for sexual activity in SL? Just look around?

  6. Marianne McCann Says:

    @Mary – yup. Well, I tend to take a lot of photos, too. Of course, once the place gets built up, there won’t be more worth seeing, now will there?

  7. Mary Says:

    There’s still a problem with child shaped avvies watching adult activities, Marianne. That’s a form of child porn, too.

    I do support you generally, but you made a major mistake here and gave ammo to people who have general problems with child avvies. You set your cause way back.

  8. Marianne McCann Says:

    Mary, I agree with you. I don’t *want* to see people having sex in SL. Aside from a couple minutes with Dirk T. in his cartoon penis avvie, there was no “adult activities” at the event in question — and we were all standing in a almost fully empty continent.

    Oh, and for those of you peeking in from that site down the way, first, Hi. Second when I say “I don’t *want* to see people having sex in SL,” I also don’t want to* participate* in sex in SL, either.

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