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Weekend Update

May 26th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

My weekend started with the SL Volunteer Appreciation party, which totally rocked! I especially enjoyed the “Teddy Bear Picnic” I spotted. What a collection! I actually have a lot of these.

The big event for me, though, was the prom at HardKnock Elementary. Ya we might be a bit young f’r a prom, but it was still fun. My friend (who I should prob’ly remind that while he is a BOY and a FRIEND, he is not a BOYFRIEND) picked me up at home an we went to din din at th’ Arbor an stuff before goin to the dance. It was a lot of fun. He even dropped me off at home afters which was really nice of him Here’s a piccie of us from the dance.

Saturday, well, was a really big important First Life day f’r me, so I wasn’t around too much. When I was around, I mostly spended my time watching the Hau Koda infohub get built. It’s themed around an Art Deco style airport, an Misty Mole was doing interior work all day. A buncha us who work in Bay City were all lined up outside the area, jes watchin’. It was kinda funny. Anyway, it looks super so far. I really like the “powder rooms” with posing stands an stuff.

Sunday was a Bay City Alliance meeting which – no surprise – was held near the under construction hub. A lot of the group ushed for some time to get that hub actually constructed, so it’s good to see it being done.

We had a big backyard barbecue that afternoon, inviting over a bunch of folks in the neighborhood an otherwise. It was kinda fun to do, with jes a random assorting of folks about, an even getting a “namecheck” from KONA radio (which was what we were playin). Seemed jes right f’r Memorial Day weekend to have grilled burgers an friends over.

I then spent some time exploring, including some hiking in the Lost Forest right around Rodeo (which is the piccie below), an some time completing the quests in Chakryn Forest. That was particularly fun, as a lady who was a witch was there, an me an my sis traded hints with her. Actual hints too, not “go look behind the tree over there” or “here, use this LM.” More like poetic hunts and clues formed spur of the moment, an not giving everything away too easily. I love random great roleplayin’ moments like that

Monday I spent the morning at… ya, Hau Koda where the hub is bein built. But this time flyin in planes with friends. An unlike any other darn school in the U.S., there was school at HardKnock yesterday. We turned in our final projects an also did our class photo for the yearbook. Here’s our class!

An here’s my final project. It’s a lot like the Bay City promo video I did, but entirely different too. Still, some of ya might find it entertaining f’r a minute. Itll give some idea of jes what we do at HKE.


Yay HardKnock class of 2009! Graduation is this comin weekend – Like the prom, it’s also different that we graduate every year. It’s someting special to end the year with, I think, even if most of us will be back again come fall!

After school, I spended some time jes at th’ house, runnin my lemonade stand. I sold five whole glasses!

An that’s the weekend!

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