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Weekend Update

May 4th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

Hi everybuggy! A much busier weekend this time ’round than last. Fair wanring, too – a lot of stuff with Bay City below. Like every third word or someting.

Started out on Friday, exploring Avaria with my sister an brother. They recently redid the ground level with completely new terraforming an stuff. I loved it before, an I love it again. Still some of the prettiest “open space” in Second Life.

May first was the start of the Bay City Flea Market, a project of the Bay City alliance. We managed to get Linden Lab let us have the Message of the Day (MotD) for the weekend to promote it, which meant tons of traffic came by. I had a selection of my regular stuff all marked down, some stuff I’ve never had a store space for, an even some ol’ inventory stuff to get rid of. The event went super well for alla us.

Of course, that is also May Day, so I made sure to dance around a may pole on Livingtree, like I have for the last couple years now.

Beltane Dancer

Saturday was a busy RL day, so not as much SL time. One thing I did help cause was getting an Artilleri location in Bay City. I’m very excited about this, cuz Artilleri is one of those stores I’ve wanted to see in Bay City. Definitely fits the time frame an sells great stuff. They’re new location there fits the city beautifully, too.


That’s my “ebil plan” with Bay City, by th’ way. I want to see some of SLs best there, great content creators who make amazing things that fit the overall “feel” of the area. Really want to see Bay City live up to the plans, an be the best of the SL Mainland. So far, I think were doin’ a good job.

Anyways, I also did some exploring that day, finally getting some time to hunt around Rustica. What a beatiful sim, with lots of nooks and crannies. I loved this arch way, with its dwarf face.

Rustica Guardian

Sunday started with the Bay City Alliance meetin’, where we all talked about the flea market an the upcoming Bay City parade and party to celebrate our first anniversary. This will be a big, big thing. Expect to see a little of everything there! More on this soon. :-)

I also got some time to check out the latest from Madcow Cosmos and Lorin Tone. I was really checking to see if the Blurtophones were out in the stores yet (not yet!), but Lorin showed me some of the other “coming soon” avvies. They’re making some amazing things. Here’s a sitar playing avvie the two of them have been working on. Amazing work!

Sitar player

An last, is this. You see, I had a pose from -RC- Cluster in my inventory jes doin nuttin’, an sorta an idea for a piccie, an Johnny was available so I had ’em pose with me. An he’s a boy, an a friend, but that does not make him a boyfriend!

Me and Johnny

An that’s th’ weekend! Hope ya’ll had fun!

3 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Adz Childs Says:

    *kiss* *kiss* *kissy face*

  2. Adz Childs Says:

    Remind me to fix that disclaimer at the bottom of your site. :(

  3. Marianne McCann Says:

    /me blushes

    Oh, and Adz? Can you fix the disclaimer at the bottom of my site? 😀

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