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“It’s not a perfect analogy”

April 23rd, 2009 by Marianne McCann

When I see the anger over the adult/ursula policy, you know one of the first things I think of?

Kid avatars have had to live under a shifting, vaguely worded policy for two years. We’ve had to watch what we do, be aware of where we were, and otherwise step carefully lest we be accused of doing something wrong.

Now everyone gets to share the joy.

4 Responses to ““It’s not a perfect analogy””

  1. Rika Watanabe Says:

    This is exactly how it is.

    Unfortunately, that’s still not enough for a proper revolt. :)

  2. Weston Graves Says:

    I agree with you, Mari, not that I have ever been a kid avatar — yet. I would go further and say, after hanging out at very cool places like the Science Islands, I think real kids should have the opportunity to see that kind of content too. I just don’t know of a good way to protect them from getting their feelings hurt even on PG land in this wild west we currently have.

    Anyway, much as I HATE authority trying to control people, I look forward to the big changes coming.

  3. lorimae undercroft Says:


    I really have nothing useful to add sorry.. just wanted to say it made me giggle to read :) Those vague policies is why I go most places first as a kitty to check a land out, then come back later if it looks to be safe, as my human version hehe :)

  4. Adz Childs Says:

    Of all of the posts about the adult content changes, spanning several months now, this one is my favorite.

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