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Weekend Update

April 20th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

My weekend sorta started with borin’ stuffs. I ended up back in one of the “brown bag” talks about adult definitions. it’s all very interesting. I’m sure it’s a bit odd f’r me people to see me in the middle of it all. Still, I like to think I might be helping in some way, a bit.

The meetings for these have been held on “PR Island,” which looks just like the “Boardroom” sim, but is not regular access. I’m sure all the transcripts an stuff are available on another thread ’round here. Here’s a piccie, too.

JP Linden is on the stage. Audience seating, counterclockwise is Marty Linden, Poppet McGimsie, Cyn Linden, Phoenix Welles, Blondin Linden, BlueGin Yifu, Melody Regent, Me, Pete Linden, Catriana Ninetails, MystressAnna Lovenkraft, and Kend Linden

Anyway, I got to shift gears not long after, an went to the big BunnyJam party on EggSactly Right. That was crazy busy. Towards the end of the time I was there, they sid there were about 87 avatars there. I know I could hardly move by that point. Was still purty fun. :-)

I also got some of my prizes from the -RC- Cluster photo contest, including my very own Suzie Wetserpants dolly! I love her lots!

My new dolly

Saturday, well, I had a lot of RL to do an wasn’t feelin too good besides, so I dun have near as many piccies as I wish I had.I did go to the fishing tournament on Livingtree, an got some free stuff in Edo Japan and in AM Radios The Far Away. Other’n that, I really can’t say I did a whole lot.

I did try to do a big group shot to promote the Bay City parade, but like I said, not feelin’ good, an I really wasn’t too happy with the piccie overall. I’ll hafta upload it somewhere’s anyway, jes to show peoples who were in it. Anyways, We also had some fun with blurtophones then too, like I usually do. I do have a piccie of that!

Oh, an then late late in the evening, I did this piccie. Jes showin how tough I am!

One tough kid

Yer prob’ly not buyin’ that f’r a sec, is ya? Oh well, can’t say I did’t try!

Anyway, I was feelin better on Sunday, but then we had a power outage that day. I did make it through the Bay City Alliance meeting in the mornin’, an spent part of the day at our new infohub in Moose Beach, Or near it, cuz actually getting in there is about impossible. A lot of that time I was jes gettin griefed by a person and their alt. Made fr good AR fodder, I s’pose.

Oh, an then I ended up the evenin’ with some sightseeing, which led to this piccie, too.

An that’s about it!

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