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Tootling my own horn-thing

April 16th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

A quick update!

1. I got a golden egg in the Linden hunt! I found it in the same sorta area as the golden heart I found. Go me! Pays to know the mainland, I s’pose!

2. I actually found a second one as well. There is a limit to one per person, so I asked them to toss it back, if they could.

3. I took second place in the RC Cluster Flickr Photo Contest, with the below photo!

What's so great ...

Ms Jill from HardKnock Elementary took first place. Yay Ms Jill!

4. The memorial garden I did for last year’s SL Day of Remembrance event is going into the big SL memorial garden! Glad to know it will live on!

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