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Weekend Update

April 13th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

So, um… I guess I should do a weekend write up. Definitely one with ups an downs, though.

Friday I got to find my easter egg in the big Linden easter egg thing in the EggSactly sim. I’m super proud of my egg, an I hope it does well in th’ judging! But there are so so many good ones!

It sounds corny to me, but looking at all the other Resident eggs there jes, I dunno, gives me some hope f’r this place. There are jes so many different “takes” on easter eggs there, from people who simply tossed a library texture on the provided egg (and this could be the first time they’ve even tried to make something in SL!) to those who’ve done super detailed stuff an really pushed the limits. Mine is somewhere between those posts, I think.

Later on Friday, I decided to poke around the still-under-construction Linden Remembrance Garden. It really is looking nice, for what it is. It was hard to see shrines to the people I called friends, like Kendra or Soj. I’m glad that their passings are takin kinda seriously by LL at one level or another, and that there will be some permanent memorial to them, or at least as permanent as our virtual world can be.

Then poof — an infohub appeared in Bay City. There’s been work for some time about getting one built in Hau Koda, but all of a sudden Moose Beach was turned into one. I like the idea, given that the location seems perfect for an infohub, and was vastly underused before. I do wish there was more info at the infohub, and that the agent limit was a bit higher than it is currently. Makes it hard to get in there!

The Bay City Children’s Blurtophone Band — otherwise known as “Fred” — quickly established themselves as the house band at Squishybottoms at the Moose Beach infohub. I don’t remember who our session guy is on maracas.

Saturday, well, I had a lotta RL to do. But I did make it back inworld f’r the big sausage harvest at -RC- Cluster. I managed to get a few cool pose sets that I did’t already have.

I also spended some time building to get ready for Sunday, went by Moose Beach infohub a couple times, an otherwise occupied my time.

Sunday, of course, was Easter. So I did a little easter dance in the flowers!

We had our second annual Spring Festival on Livingtree, with egg decorating, a nature walk, a small egg hunt, and the big egg rolling contest. It was super super fun, even though we had a small turnout. It was Easter after all. But the Golden Egg Trophy has made it to a new home for the year, and all is good.

Well, sorta.

Sunday was also the last day for Livingtree Cove, our adjoining homestead sim. We had originally gotten it as a private workspace, back when open spaces were reasonable. We opened it to the public when the policy changed, but never really had much of a plan for it. As the economy has continued to tighten, our SL and RL selves have felt some serious pinches. As such, the Cove had to go. I only hope we can keep the main island going as well.

An that’s the weekend. Some good, some bad this time.

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