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Weekend Update, Addition

April 7th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

Call this an addendum to my weekend update.

So Monday I saw that there was going to be a “pile on” of the beta grid, in an attempt to stress test the 1.26 server. This I could not resist.

It started innocently enough, all sitting in Morris on the Aditi (beta) grid, waiting for things to get going. Prospero led the charge, suggesting we go crazy for a bit. The high prim avatars came out, with a large part of the crowd showing their Aggro dragons. Soon, the man o’ the hour showed up — Vektor Linden — and we started our tests. I tossed on one of the “Corra Nacunda” avatars from Grendel’s Children. That’s a large raven-like humanoid in bedouin attire, and a very different look for me.

We friended each other, we took snapshots and sent them to each other, We paid each other. That latter one was where we encountered out first troubles, with the good ol’ stale transactions rearing its ugly head.

Then it was time for some region crossing, heading down the continent to the sandboxes.

I should mention that in addition to all of us — about 40+ people, and about an equal part Resident and Linden/Tester accounts, the full force of Enus Linden’s umpity-hundred bot army was in Aditi. The little grid was straining at times. Region crossing was hard hard hard, and I did cross trying to go south from Balance into Fame on the way to HTTP In Sandbox 1.

But this led to one of the most amazing moments in my Second Life, swooping across these sims in bird form, with 10-15 of these huge dragon avatars flying in an accidental formation around me, watching the vapor trails of scores of unrezzed Enusbots criss-crossing up ahead. This is not the Second Life I joined in 2006. While I love my regular form dearly, I would adore seeing a “flock” of those dragons and other avians over head, and would be glad to join ’em. If for a bit. If I hadn’t crashed, I’d have photos of this. :-(

Anyway, for those who talk about never seeing a Linden, well, I know where they all were yesterday, in attendance during the tests were Prospero, Alexa, Sabine, Usi, Which, Vektor, Dan, Maestro, Poppy, Beast, Milo, Q, Oskar, Rose, Spider, Nyx, Bambers, Jill and one other who I believed to be long gone — Pony Linden. Rumors of Pony going to the glue factory are now proven wrong, once and for all. Here he is, recorded for posterity.

We did some more tests, doing some teleports and also going over those adult/mature/PG border crossings (and cross sim transactions) before settling back in Sandbox Cordova. For the next ten minutes, chaos reigned.

Normally, a sandbox is a place where griefing — which commonplace — is not allowed. Big signs declare “no weapons.” not so, as Vektor Linden declared open season… on himself. Soon, all manner of griefer toy and projectile weapon was brought to bear. Even I had a fairly small .22 caliber rifle in hand, taking pot shots at Mister Vektor. I got him more than a few times, too.

[15:39] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Collision with “RSDM Slug”, Owner: Vektor Linden

He got me too.

Anyway, for an idea of what this all looked like in the end, here’s the beta grid’s Sandbox Cordova at its worst.

For those who want to see all the piccies I did take over there — such as they are — feel free to check ’em out on Snapzilla.


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