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Weekend Update

April 6th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

So, my weekend.

On Friday those of us in my class at HardKnock Elementary got to see the Easter Bunny! Yay! I was brave an got my piccie taken with ’em.

Seeing the easter bunny!

Then later inna evening a friend took me to see a beautiful thing made my Spiral Watcher. Incredible work! I wish you could see it in action, cuz the movement an stuff is what really makes it.

Pretty Colors!

Saturday an Sunday were both kinda busy f’r me. I helped a friend with a video on the new Second Childhood Network Kiosks (an got one set up on Livingtree), I went to my friend Adz’s Rez Day party, I went to an informal get together in Bay City, I built stuff f’r my stores, An did a couple piccies for a photo contest. Here’s my two entries. It hasta be somewhat funny an also use the stores products in the shot. I tink I did okay with ’em.

Artistic Interpretation


Whats so great about camping?

An that’s about it this time!

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