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What’s in a name?

March 31st, 2009 by Marianne McCann

A few months ago, a RL friend of mine who happens to have been a Linden did a favor for me. They went up the ranks, attempting to get one little word added to the abuse report categories.

The goal? Get the word “Sexual” amended to the word “Ageplay,” so as to clarify the action. At the time it was declared unnecessary, and did not happen.

Why is this important? In the real world, th’ term ageplay refers to both a sexual and a non sexual activity. Not all who ageplay are doing it in a sexual fashion. Wikipedia covers it in more detail than I’m gonna get into here.

But since the beginning of the controversy, Linden Lab has referred to sexual ageplay as simply “Ageplay,” without any clarification. This has led to more than a year of false reports against all child avatars, assuming they are involved in sexual activity. It also means that people who come to SL with a first life knowledge of ageplay risk account troubles by identifying themselves as ageplayers.

I still hope this will change, and we’ll continue to work with LL to see improved language for this category.

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