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Weekend Update

March 30th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

Hope everybuggy had a good weekend!

Mine was pretty good, though on the surface maybe not as action packed as one might expect, but I did manage to have some fun. :-)

Recently I’ve been playin a bit with some airplanes. I found a nice place near Bay City to use as an airstrip, an have been doin so. Mostly with biplanes. This led me to do a biplane piccie up near the airship mooring in Bay City.. because I could.

I’ve been debating getting one of the nicer biplanes, but I’d rather not have to go into ones that require extra attachments if I can help it. Still, I’m open to suggestions for good ones. I’d also prefer to find something a bit more 1940s or 1950s, given my Bay city stomping grounds.

Speaking of which, I recently was a little grumbly about Bay City, but some of the events in Bay City – Imaginario lately have definitely brought my enthusiasm back full force.

Several parcels recently changed hands, including an extra 1008m into my little fingers. I turned around and sold it to a friend who really anted a parcel in Bay City. The way I look at it, I’d rather he have it than me do whatever with another plot. So now, where before there were empty buildings, we have his place, a combination Bellimisia and 1-800-Bettys store, and the soon-to-open expanded main store for Designs of Darkness. Add that to Nikki’s Shoes, Seventy Seven, and my own store, as well as a couple residences and other places and… well… Imaginario is a-rockin’.

This is my friend’s store, built this weekend. It looks great and fits into the region so nicely. He also has some nice bikes in there — an yes — they are resizable and fit adults and kids.

Like many others this weekend, too, I hit the Bunny Hop hunt. I’m now all the way up to egg #108. I dont know how many of them there are, but I hope it’s not too many more. I’m just about hunted out. It does amaze me how popular these continue to be. Given my store will be participating in a kid-specific gridwide hunt next month, I guess I should not be all that surprised, either.

I also saw a Grace McDonnough concert, went briefly to Show and Tell in Lummerland, participated in the bi-weekly Bay City Alliance meeting, and did a bit of building as well.

To finish out the weekend, I stopped by Avaria. A group notice recently told folks that the ground level will soon be remodeled, so ‘take your photos now.” So I did. First, here’s me an my brother an my sister out exploring:

And here’s a shot I took in Avaria Sav — one that I jes noticed got an Editor’s Choice award on Snapzilla tonight. Woo!

And… that’s it!

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