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Weekend Update

March 23rd, 2009 by Marianne McCann

In the SL Forums, in a thread called “just ignore and let this one die,” I usually post a weekend update, a write up of all I did from Friday night into the wee hours of Sunday. I’ll be posting them here, too. Sometimes the weekends are pretty thing, sometimes they’re not. This was another one of them very full weekends. One of those ones where I wonder exactly how this all happened, an how it all fit into the space of two days and an evening.

I do these write ups party out of my own “wow” factor about these weekends, party as a diary of sorts, and party to show that — as a kid avatar — I can manage to get into a whole lot of very different places. I’m a firm believe that kid avvies should be out and about when we can, showing that we are a part of the world at large.

On Friday night, a friend of mine who does some code work for a certain Virtual World we all inhabit god teeped me into LindenWorld C. this is not the sorta place many of us Residents ever get to see. The Linden in question needed a warm avatar to test on (an no, I don’t tink I can talk too much about the “what” involved, even if I did know ll the details), and well, there I was. LindenWorld is a small block of sims that various Lindens use. Part sandbox, part office, the place is pretty chaotic. And yes, you know I snapped piccies. M Linden posted a piccie recently of LindenWorld on his flickr stream, so I figgure if he can, then I can.
GTeam Griefer Area

Finishing off the night was some late evening exploration with my sis and my daddy, of a sim called Pteron. I tink it’s part mystery, but it says it’s for meditation — and I believe it. It was gorgeous.


The next day was the big snail race. RacerX Gullwing usually does big snail races, but this one was special. Over 100 snails crossing 45 sims as a Relay For Life fundraiser. It was utter chaos. Well, it was close to utter chaos – that was Sunday. Anyway, it was lotsa fun. I was cheering on my brother, who did’t quite come in last place. Here’s a shot of the leaders from very early on.

Snail Race

I also made a stop at KIC, to check out the concerts and the sim itself. Reminded me a lot of Kids5B. I hope it serves our community well!

This night a Linden teeped me to an event, but not in any place like LindenWorld or nuttin, and not a god teep neither. This time it was a fundraiser for the SL Shakespeare Company. Thing about this? It was a sushi party. Specifically Nyotaimori, or body sushi. I wondered: should a kid avvie be this close to a naked CodeBastard Redgrave, and should I AR myself?

Yes… there is a picture:

I ended this night with a bit of 7 Seas fishing in the heart of Bay City, which concluded with the blowing up of Brock Lazlo’s building. He wanted to make room for a new build of his, and a better use of the space for commercial purposes.

Now then, Sunday. Parade time in Nova Albion, in honor of their 5th Anniversary. This really was utter chaos, with enough avatars to fill two mainland sims, enough lag to stop us dead in our tracks, and everything from Barcola zombies to giant musical intrument robots.

Oh yes, and kids. There were four of us there. The Nova Albions have always been good about us kids, and welcomed us with open arms.

Here’s just one shot of a small amount of the group including yours truly:

Nova Albion Parade

You can see the rest of ’em in an album on Snapzilla.

This was crazy, but it was also a ton of fun. Even with all the lag and troubles, I’d gladly do this again — and will.

Finally, the party with the Forum Cartel. Doin it up 50s style! Thankoo all f’r the fun!
50s Party

And that’s the weekend!

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