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Weekend Update

March 16th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

So nows th’ time when I should write up my weekly update. I had some trouble with gettin’ my piccies out of SL, so I dun have as many as usual — but I do have some.

On Friday evening, it was school time — an it was time for our report card! I’m very proud to say that I scored 100 on both parts of the test, great attendance, classwork etc., an got an A+ :-)

Yes… the RP school does grade your work. :-)

Anyway, earlier in the week, I had talked with Lorin Tone. He was one of the two creative minds behind the blurtophone from Burning Life 08, an the band bots at Madcow Cosmos’ store. You see, I wanted a newer blurtophone. Lo an behold, he was able to make this happen. I helped test the new ones out, an will now have one for next weekend’s big parade in Nova Albion. Woot!

Meanwhile, in Bay City, I had to do a big presentation. I called it “Bay City Style.” It’s on the real world design and architecture that influenced Bay City. The presentation was well attended an well received. I was very glad folks liked all I hadda say, an that the time I spent in RL art history courses was not wasted. 😉

I did not get a piccie of me doin the presentation, though, so I’m gonna borrow one from Molly Montale from her flickr stream. I hope she dun mind.

The Shuttle took off in RL on Sunday, an Dakota mentioned it on the Forum Cartel group chat. He sent me the URL an before you knew it, I hadda block party. It was actually a lotta fun, an one of the reasons I’m glad I have a little suburban house in Shermerville. It is funny how we can do whatever we want in SL – but this sort of thing is both absolutely real world, yet also someting many of us don’t experience in our First Lives. I barely speak to my RL neighbors, an I s’pect the same is true f’r many others.

Anyway, here’s alla us sittin ’round the backyard watchin’ the flame come off the back of a large craft being hurtled into space.

Also that evening was a fundraiser auction I hadda go to. Abby McDonnaugh is a long time member of the SL child avatar community. She’s been a friend to many, a creator knowing for an innovative use of “MLP” style scripts to make a bed that is perfectly G rated, and allowing for kids and parents to interact. She’s been dealing with some serious health issues related to high blood pressure, so much so that she had to either get surgery, or risk death. The community, in a way to show support, has been donating and had this big auction. The auction raised $178, 262 — and combined with all the donations this weekend, it’s a grand total of L$409,000.

Editorial moment: how amazing is it to live in a world where a bunch of people would donate what is a sizable amount of real world money to someone who that know through little more than her pixels and personality? What does it say about those who talk of how “creepy” kid avvies are, and assume we’re all perverse to see that great an outpouring when one of our own is in need? I’m really touched by it all. More on this soon.

To finish out the weekend, there was a Sci-Fi/Fantasy photo contest I jes hadda enter. No photoshop allowed — hadda be totally show inworld an all that. Here’s one of my entries. I’m really proud of it.

Have a g’night an g’mornin, everybuggy!

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