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By way of introduction…

March 15th, 2009 by Marianne McCann

Welcome to my little blogspace. 

My name’s Marianne McCann, but you can call me Mari. I’m just some kid in Second Life. I’m also a storeowner there, a citizen of Bay City and Shermerville, one of the people behind Livingtree island, and someone who tends to get very involved with things at a whole lotta levels. I’m one of the high muckity mucks in Second Life Children, write for the Metaverse Messenger, an do a lot of other stuff too.

The name of the blog? Feted Inner Child. It’s a group tag I wear often. It’s a play off of “Feted Inner Core,” the theory that there is a small number of Residents who negatively control the actions of Linden Lab. Or maybe it is more a play off the lampooning of that theory.I get around a lot inworld, and a lot of that is with Lindens and others. Hence why I would invoke “FIC.”  It’s also a play off of “inner child,” not just the name of a mall in Fletcher, but also a real world term for what a lot of us kids are doing in SL.

I’m a bit of an inworld photographer, so dun be surprised to see more than a few photos in this blog too, as the mood strikes. For me, photos are part of telling the story.  A thousand words, and all that.

What am I going to write about here?  I don’t know. Probably a few deep thoughts, people some silliness. I’ll take it as it comes, y’know?

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